Hummie deck and satin single layer enclosure(uk)

image image image image Selling due to a change of plans in my build. Both brand new, unused, still in the wrapper. (I unwrapped them to take pics) I’d like to get what I paid for them if poss and will throw in free shipping to the UK. So £150 all in. I can provide pics if needed but there are loads within the group. thx


Just chucked location in the title for you man. Pics would be the answer though. Everyone loves pics.

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thx dude, appreciated.

could i have some more pictures ?? :slight_smile:

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Just use the search function on the forum, there’s loads of pics of the deck and variations on what people have done with it RE wheels etc. I can take some more pics if u like but they’re gonna be pretty much the same as the above ones .

image Here’s some from the forum :+1:

Still for sale

Where are you located?


Interested, pm’d

Hi @Hatman30, do you still have this board? If so I would like to purchase it. This is my first post, I spoke to BBenclosures today about a Hummie deck and thought I would see if you still have this for sale.

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