Hummie deck finally up

just waiting on kickstarter to approve the motors


Time seems about right, it’s been two weeks since September 9~ 2018. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


was going to integrate them. then do a complete. then separate. then together. now separate. and im lazy. and my alcoholic drinking buddy died so I have a lot more time recently, especially with the arm sling.

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God. I need to stay away anything esk8 related. I’m getting broke. Haha

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Two things

How big I am enclosure and why on the deck option does it say you get deck plus enclosure

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Are you sure you got the prices right?

As I understand the 2nd item, the deck which says it comes with the enclosure costs the same as the enclosure only


That’s what I just said

Also do those prices include shipping

The prices seem to good to include shipping, especially to europe But for US it makes sense because they sold at 125$ shipped to US

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Congrats! It is going to be great!

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Does any end have an explanation for the thing about the enclosure

Read the description. It tells you what you get.

Shipping is $30. That is added on check out.

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in the description it says you get deck and mounted enclosure for £88

also is enclosure double or single stack

Single stack. There’s an option for the deck, and an option for the enclosure. The enclosure option is not deck + enclosure (to my understanding)

Wtf 98€ for the hummie deck AND enclosure? Any limit on how many I can buy? :smiley:

@Hummie sorry that you lost your mate. . Good luck with the indiegogo tho


Again. To my understanding

Screenshot_Chrome_20190712-130757 Included items…

Im just waiting on @Hummie to confirm this and clicking order the same moment!

A really great deal on a actually nice looking integrated deck

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I’ve have one hummie deck with bens enclosure. Serious I could have 10 of theese :grin:


Did you menage to scratch up the enclosure? Id like to move to something like this or haya because Im tired of regular scratched up enclosures

Yeah I’m aware. But knowing John it was probably a typo. But hey, one way to find out