Hummie deck plus 2fboxs and a 12s lipo USA you pay shipping $625

Ok so I’ve had this for a bit and @Hummie told me I had the go ahead to sell it. I’ve never used this deck before, it was built by the man himself hummie.

What you get

Hummie deck 12S battery made from six 30C zippy lipos (glued into the deck cutouts) Two focbox singles (glued into deck cutouts Big Ben enclosure? Right? (not holding anything up except it’s self)

So basically slap on some motors, a switch, and a charge port. If you need help with those things let me know.

You’ll need a small bms. The balance wires are out and ready accessible for. Whichever you choose. If you need help lemme know we can get that fixed no prob.


More pics reached limit?



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And goodbye to that deal. Close the thread


dayum, insane deal sold fast!