Hummie Hub Motors - some more tests

I’ve just found it on youtube. @Pylonflyer just made some more test to Hummies aluminum hubs.

@Pylonflyer What was the battery setup you used ? Was it in FOC ? cause it sound so quiet

we need inter~changeable wheels . where we can change the soft side of the wheels to :articulated_lorry: larger radius and when the need arise ? change it to OFF ROAD :mountain_bicyclist:

Carvon V3 is going to have interchangable wheels.

It says the battery setup and that he used foc at the start of the video. 10s 5ah with foc.

oh might have missed it. thanks . I really like how hummies hubs sound in foc.

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Exactly !!

any timeframe when v3 will come out ?

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Only @LEVer knows :slight_smile:

Oh man, you guys are on it. I just finished uploading that last night and went to sleep. The motors are whisper quiet and once you push off they have plenty of torque. I don’t have the traction control wired up just yet, they’re just Y-connected in parallel for now. No issues, stayed plenty cool, and I only used 1700mAh to go 3 miles. So by my rough estimate, I should be able to go about 5-6 miles and still have about 25% battery reserve.