Hummie Hubs for sales! 😲

Hey, Guys (and Girls),

As the title said, I have a pair of brand new Hummie hubs for sale. I’m selling those because my plan has quite changed in the time they got here.

Price is 550 + Shipping.

I’ve tested them on the bench and add some 5.5mm bullet. (also come with the centrax wheel and paris truck for the front)

image image image image image image

There on default in the paint, but it doesn’t affect the performance at all, and can easily be covert with some black paint.


Thanks, Guys. JF


@Sender don’t you still need a set?


Still available?

I’m finding myself reasons to not buy them.

Where are you reasons? Where?


I TAKE IT ! i pm you !

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Well I highly doubt it but did these end up selling or they still around?

yeah, they here :wink:


Oh they mine now playa!

image image Should be wired up by next weekend w 6 motors! So low to the ground. Will get video and redundant data logging. A boat as its all steel and like 50lbs.


Dsnt the side with two wheels bite on eachother? looks freakin dangerous

they do… we will see. Mateo (don’t know his forum name) he has it now and just took the pics as he just got it together. yes those wheels…was thinking the same.

thats a pretty typical setup for street luges…

Still avail?


From me… No…

But the kickstarter from @Hummie is live.

gotta put the rest of the money in on there and we just have to get to 20k! it looks like its not going to make the goal but it is. @on1y be that force

I already pre ordered a set thru there. I asked u for the faster kv ones the other day

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