Hummie v4s $500 shipped (pending)

What you see is what you get front trucks and wheels included located in Dallas Texas image Giving up on diy I tried and just can’t get this stuff to work


What problems are you having?

Unity and mac problems for everything else in the world a Mac will work just not the unity

No Android phone either?

Like problems you yourself couldn’t fix or problems ther people couldn’t help fix? There are tons of people on here willing to help get you rolling. Myself included. But you said mac and I don’t do mac lol. Care to indulge us on your exact problems? Maybe you get you rolling .


There is already a Mac version. Isn’t it? :thinking:

You should only need to program it once. The unity is also the easiest to program…

Sadly not nor are my friends everyone is completely tapped in to apple around me but I ran parallels and still didn’t work

The issue is with the unity itself I believe it’s doa even after consulting with enertion it won’t connect at all and the only solution left is to send it in

Have you tried a different usb? Data usb if you weren’t aware.

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Send it in it´s worth it! No prebuild will give you this performance! Keep them Hummies.

Yea just went through 3 different ones actually

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I guess they guided you through all that firmware and port stuff?

Yea they did I’m surprised because I never heard of a unity failure yet but I couldn’t even connect with Bluetooth on this one

Call a friend who uses Windows. Configure It and go rolling.


Or perhaps try using bootcamp instead of parallels. Easy to download (since the program is preinstalled by Apple) and ensure the correct drivers and such are installed. If not, why not try and hop on Craigslist, and find some crappy second hand android phone that will work for you needs? (Make sure it will work before you buy it :wink: )

Apple stuff won’t work if you want freedom. Which includes freedom to use custom software or do whatever you want.


Lol, people sometimes say to me: "you have an android? " , to which I reply “yes, I’m an adult”. They always take offense, which makes my eyes twinkle even harder when I see their cracked screens. Ever throw money in the toilet? I had an ifone4 once. I threw it in the toilet

Edit: I don’t know what I’m on about tonight. Opinions are like kittens, I’m just giving them away (-modest mouse)


I still have an iPhone for software testing at work, but I leave it in my desk where it belongs and take my Android home. When I lost my phone last year, I had to get service turned on and use it for a month and it was the worst month ever. I don’t know how people can even deal with that, much less want to overpay for it.


Lol, it’s like "give me ALL of the pricetag, and ONLY the status symbol (which translates to “I don’t know what I’m doing in life”) hahaha. I do have friends with apple products, and don’t judge them too hard about it. However, I DO give them shit about it, and at every possible opportunity. @b264 , the world is ours for parody

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