Hummie v4s $500 shipped (pending)

Lol, people sometimes say to me: "you have an android? " , to which I reply “yes, I’m an adult”. They always take offense, which makes my eyes twinkle even harder when I see their cracked screens. Ever throw money in the toilet? I had an ifone4 once. I threw it in the toilet

Edit: I don’t know what I’m on about tonight. Opinions are like kittens, I’m just giving them away (-modest mouse)


I still have an iPhone for software testing at work, but I leave it in my desk where it belongs and take my Android home. When I lost my phone last year, I had to get service turned on and use it for a month and it was the worst month ever. I don’t know how people can even deal with that, much less want to overpay for it.


Lol, it’s like "give me ALL of the pricetag, and ONLY the status symbol (which translates to “I don’t know what I’m doing in life”) hahaha. I do have friends with apple products, and don’t judge them too hard about it. However, I DO give them shit about it, and at every possible opportunity. @b264 , the world is ours for parody

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are those custom PU sleeves??

I got to witness a real life anti apple commercial play out yesterday. My cousin graduated from UK and we had a big party. Their whole family are appleholes. I watched the girl pose for a picture, the mom’s phone ran out of storage on the photo. Girl hands mom her phone. THAT ONE RUNS OUT OF SPACE AT THE SAME TIME. I was dying laughing and started a slow chant “android, android, android”


Apple is fine for the normal everyday person. However if you ever want to do anything different or cool forget it. Apple are rich prics that will only let you use their shit. That’s why they don’t even sell spare batteries for there phones. Turns out all those spare batteries are aftermarket rebrands


I use the UNITY tool with PARALLELS on my Mac. Not the finest option, but it works. At least with cable.

I also don’t like that there is no iOS or Mac Version… that really sucks.


I’m TOTALLY taking that line… :joy::joy:

I love seeing iPhone addicts piss themselves when I explain how my note 8 camera can blow theirs lit of the water, when I’m not using Snapchat (that’s a whole rant in itself. What kind of idiot created the Snapchat Android app. A low res screenshot of the the camera? Wtf?)

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What sleeves do you have on the hubs? They look different than normal

Those are the original prototype tires

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But there is :thinking:

WHAT?! Really? I missed it! Sorry for that




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Do you have any of the latest tires left? They’ll fit on these motors?

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It might require this work around if it gives you an issue:

I’m this close to just making a new thread just so people can see that there is a compiled tool for Mac


Yup n yup.


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@briman05 how many times are you going to ignore the Mac download link people are reposting. I honestly wish you would read/think before just writing these long negative/complaining posts in this thread.

I mean if dude wants to sell his hummies, by all means!!! Im positive they will get picked up. Not everyone has the patience to build…

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Without a doubt they will get picked up because hummie hubs are awesome from what I have read

If Christmas and my son’s birthday weren’t so damn close, Id buy them!!! This time of year my budget has no room for me lol