Hummies hubz/CarbonFiber/wood/Arbor James Kelly

Just pics for now, will update as I get this thing finished.

basically the evolution from this thread:

I’ve managed to program both VESC’s without frying any DRV’s, and confirm the BMS is working as it should. Just need to get the case finished (clean up the fiberglass, and sand/stain the wood cases), and wire up an on/off + charge port!


i like those battery cases, look like they will bend a bit with the board which is nice. how limited is you bms?

80 amps cont, so I can run both vescs at 40.

Should definitely be enough for my weight

Lovin’ all that wood showing through! Those battery cases look killer! Nice work! :thumbsup: @cmatson I see that you like working with wood. You should try working with Danish Oil. It’s readily available at your local hardware store like Lowes and Home Depot. One can of this stuff goes a long way. I like using it for a few key reasons.

  1. It is a wipe on finish, so no brushes sprayers, or special tools needed.
  2. Danish oil penetrates into the wood and brings out all of the contrast and character of the grain! Since it literally soaks into the wood there is nothing to chip or peel. Awesome! (I find top coats almost always chip and peel and then you have to sand the whole surface and recoat to make it look right.)
  3. Very easy to repair and maintain. It is a mixture of tung oil and polyurethane like they use on gun stocks. If you scratch the surface and want to repair it, you just have to lightly sand down the spot and reapply some Danish Oil.

Omg that is like sk8 porn

Look what I picked up today :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll see how it looks when I apply it later this afternoon!


SWEET!! You are going to love using this stuff. Just make sure that when you first start applying to bare wood that you keep wiping more oil until it stops absorbing it so fast. Also when you are done with that coat wipe the whole surface clean of any leftover oil. This stuff not only works great, but I enjoy watching the wood transform before my eyes. Have fun, dude!! I used the Dark Walnut Danish Oil on this job:



I used the medium walnut finish, and looks perfect so far-

A little darker than my board, which is exactly what I want.

Thanks again for the recommendation!


works great!!

insane amount of torque thanks to @hummie’s motors, and a pretty decent top speed. 10s4p getting the job done.

The wood cases also turned out great thanks again to @Ulfberht’s recommendation.

I opted not to add an LCD, due to there being very little room in my case as it is, and that my 10s4p will last a while when I’m used to a 10s3p and smaller.


Did LHB make the pack?

I had the cells, but when he came to use my Xcarve a while back he also spotwelded the pack for me.

All the balance leads, shrink tubing, etc though we’re done just recently.


Where did you get the deck, I cant find it anywhere.

Unfonately James Kelly left the Arbor team (alone with Liam Morgan) so both of their pro models are going to be replaced with someone else’s.

For now though, you can still find the deck here and there (for a much steeper price).

Been riding it a ton lately…

Probably 200 miles put on it, and the rubber on @hummie’s motor Is getting in pretty bad shape.

Yesterday both motors just cut out power, and I came to a coasting stop. I could use the brakes, but not the throttle.

Turned the board off, back on, and everything worked fine for about a minute. Then, throttle cut, and I could only use the brakes.

Though maybe the vescs were overheating, or that the board was dead, but when I got home(pushing of course) the battery was at 41v and the vescs weren’t that warm. Plus, I’d never had the vescs over heat on me.

Charged it, came back today, does the same thing. Opened it up, and ran it on the bench. The motors were running for about a minute when the lights on both vescs just went out, and the motors stopped. Turned it off, back on, and proceeded to repeat this find multiple times. No red flashing lights, just loss of power.

@longhairedboy did you encounter anything like this with any of your bms’s? Maybe a faulty switch?

ill pour u two tires for ten each plus shipping. The better stuff is coming

Both esc dying makes it sound like its something in the battery circuit. But it comes right on when u switch it on?

yep, always comes back if I switch off then on…

makes me think it’s something with the BMS- like a faulty temp sensor or something.

not yet. I’ve burned through a few of the flier type eswitches, but so far nothing on the BMSs with integrated eswitches.

so update…

It’s currently broken and I’m not sure what’s wrong

been fiddling with it for weeks now…

Rode it solid for the less tan the first month, taking it literally everywhere I went (just look at my instagram- I swear I managed 200 miles or more before this weird behavior) and then it just shut off one day while riding. No response from the remote. thought it may have been dead.

Flipped the switch on/off, and it worked for another 50ft, then shut off.

though the BMS was overheating. Let it cool, still shuts off after a short amount of riding (less than 30 seconds to a minute)

charged the batteries- no change.

checked all the balance wires and connections- they are all strong, and work for about 30seconds… until it shuts off.

replaced the switch (and even hardwired the two e-switch wires together) no change.

It is the BMS shutting off though, because when I replicate it on the bench, it is just going strong and then both of the VESC’s loose their blue lights and everything turns quiet.

confirmed it is the BMS, not sure why

please @longhairedboy or anyone else from the group buy a while ago comment your suggestions/opinions!!

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Same thing is currently happening to me

yea I honestly don’t know what’s going on, but this board has been dead for weeks now…

I don’t want to buy another $80 BMS just to have it fail after a month of use either.