Hummie's wood carbon decks imported into the UK/EU (Completed) Poll for new batch?

So, Mr @Hummie has had a really nice looking deck made and is currently doing another group buy in this thread. There seems to be a little bit of interest getting some over here in the EU. Myself I’d like one and will take another to build for a friend. From speaking to Hummie, it looks like if we get enough interest we could get our part of the order shipped directly here for the original price (there or there abouts) Then there will be possible import duties and shipping from the UK. (or you could pick up or meet on a ride?) I will be making an enclosure for mine and will sell and can send out with the decks if anyone else wants one. I’ll make a single stacker version for mine but will consider fatter if there is enough interest. So a brief re cap. Pay hummie the money. Wait. I’ll receive them, see if we get hit for import taxes. Split the charges and ship out at cost. Option to wait again while I make an enclosure mould then pay for an enclosure and get it shipped at the same time? Interest so far I think is… @TarzanHBK @ShawnyP @L3chef @stewii @Jumpman @bigben There’s 6 of us with a possible 8 decks I think so far? I think this will be a slow burner but will be a great looking board if it all comes together… Right, now off to pay for my decks.


Thanks for doing this! I paid Hummie for 1 deck. Most likely I buy another one in a couple of days.

Sharing @thisguyhere 's awesome picks of the deck. 6ee8dd46f4be6bf18dd1798f198c6ae575bbd129_1_690x388f4ffa6c61f5f55a2c2a46282b1b9ca195881d5e3_1_690x3887b585adfa6a3a295bc247805a8a5acec5b6bd43d_1_690x388c77c59c5c33043783c78a6173b9d38cf21f67472_1_690x388d6f3cc160e536b6789fa01f7127f9d639391dcb5_1_690x388


With something like this underneath?


That’s niiice!

Very nice, indeed. I’d definitely be interested in an enclosure as well.

Just for the record, I’ve also paid for one deck.


I would be interested as well. Just need to find the money right now…


@bigben how much for that enclosure?

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That’s one won’t fit these but I’ll make a custom one fitted to the deck for £45.


Awesome price! It’s fiberglass right?

Yes, can be a different colour but black would suit?

Awesome, if in Europe is looking like about £150 for a deck and enclosure give or take subject to inport/shipping fees, nice but maybe next time :wink:

Planning mine out for rear dual 6374 using @psychotiller’s enclosure. You guys should get this beauty. The cut-out is basically half the height of an 18650. Looks sleek IMHO.


Is the cutout 590 * 140mm ?

Dave said it’s 590mm x140mm x15mm deep

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Yeah I know. Someone told me it’s 24" but that might have been on one of his earlier decks. Dunno.

140mm is very tight for a pack. I might have to get the router out…

140mm = 5.5 inches. doesn’t seem right. Don’t have the deck with me so can’t measure, but someone posted this picture. It’s basically this fit


@darkkevind Here’s the deck you asked about on FaceBook. This is a UK group buy. Factory needs 30 or 50? before they are willing to produce them.

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Hi. Are you still up for people to add to the U.K. / EU group buy of these decks?

We only need 30. Pretty close I think.

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