Hummie's wood carbon decks imported into the UK/EU (Completed) Poll for new batch?

Is joke :roll_eyes:

Yes :ok_hand:

Hey @bigben i forget what size inserts and screws you recommend…and do you glue them in too? get copper or brass or whatever?

the usa decks are scheduled to be here tomorrow.


bigben uses M6, no flange, softwood.

psychotiller uses m4 no flange hardwood.

m4 looks kind of tiny, but psycho attaches everything to deck. Seems quite strong enough, especially the hardwood knife thread version.

m6 looks gnarly huge :slight_smile: bigben lays everything in the enclosure.

m5 – ezlok doesn’t do this size?

I’m tempted to use 10-32 to match the skate hardware. It’s close to m5. I’m trying to keep all hex heads in metric only, so phillips or torx if I go imperial. madness… especially in my on-the-go toolbag.

I prefer truss head screws to spread the pressure.

Other tips from testing and from use. If you don’t want to drill a through-hole for the insert, might be good to grind/sand the insert down a bit, so it doesn’t have to go so deep. Epoxy the fuckers in, especially the softwood versions with the thick wings. I’m not sure about needing loctite on the screws.

The hammer-in versions might be good too with epoxy.

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I’ve got m5 on my evo with everything inside the enclosure and not attached to the deck. Feels crazy strong with 12 screws. I’ll probably go m6 on this deck however for convenience because sex bolts are way easier to find for that size tapered head (that’s fender washers for people who don’t want to be FABULOUS)


imageimageimageimageimage Mmmm. Sexbolts.


yea ive seen those in person as @Winfly saw yours and got them. very nice and plan to do the same.

Get stainless steel m4 or m5. You will strip the insex on brass inserts. And a bit of wood glue is a good idea. It´s worth the extra 3 dollars the stainless steel insterters!


Lol I feel like a basic bitch. Damn that looks fine!

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I had an idea of holding enclosure to the deck with magnets. Will this interfere with the rf signals?

Did someone tried this? Maybe route magnets into the deck and glue other on the outside of the enclosure?

I know @Hummie had been thinking about this.

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ive seen it done and maybe it was a thread on endless sphere. i think it was pretty successful. recessed into the deck and glued in. but i think they did it will the magnets actually connecting and maybe glued to the enclosure so there wasnt material between the two that would weaken the hold

i dont think magnets effect signals unless maybe right beside the trans or reciever.

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Hi! I would like to order one deck for a delivery in Belgium. The deck and the enclosure are really impressive! How can I proceed, do I have send the money to @Hummie or to @bigben? I’ll take a single stacks enclosure with it. Is it compatible with Paris v2 trucks?

Thank you so much for your work!

Hi, I have some decks here for this side of the pond. If you fill out this google form I will have you on the radar.

I am busy making new moulds and enclosures now and will update as they are produced so will take money when they are ready to ship.

Ok perfect I’ll complete the Google form right now, how much time do you need to make the enclosure with the wire channel? I’ll certainly take it in glossy black.

I’m working on the wire channel version now. This one was going to be satin finish.


Satin finish is not bad at all after all! Google form completed with satin black.

Any eta when you have time to ship my deck? No stress from my side. Just need to know what I shall tell the new owner of the deck

Sorry… I was waiting for the boxes to be delivered but I can find something for this one. Cheapo, low insurance level shipping to Finland from £18. Extra insurance to £100 for about £2.50 extra.

Nice :+1: I’ll PP you 20.5£ later today Thanks!