Huntington Beach, CA Group Ride July 8th 2018. 5:30pm

I was told to post this here for TODAY’s ride. ALL boards welcomed. Get there before 5:30 ride out time.

7111 Talbert Ave. Huntington Beach, CA 92648


@DevoCut @LEVer @thisguyhere @Exiledd_Top @Titoxd10001 @chris.hunt and whoever else from the area


It’s funny @Mikenopolis cause the Boosted Squad doesn’t really allow non-BoostedBoards to post on their page or let non-Boosted boards in their photo shots…we invite them to shit and they don’t come.

Not meaning to promote divisions but honestly all BoostedBoard group suck with their exclusion rules

They get zero love from the Esk8Squad

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Just to be clear… any kind of board is allowed? I wasn’t specifically invited but Im in Long Beach and thanks to @Adam0311 i have my hub board charged!!

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I don’t have details, but I know Esk8Squad. OF COURSE all boards are allowed and you will be welcomed. Bring your helmet!!

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Awww. I’m going to be in Carlsbad today. Have to deliver in the morning so I can’t make it, but I’m still getting in a beach ride!

Never ride without the brain bucket!!! Whether 3 Blocks or 3 miles, i make sure helmet is on. Not only for my safety but also so my son sees a person needs to be responsible when enjoying hobbies that are dangerous. No exceptions!!!

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@Michaelinvegas yeah. I posted yesterday’s ride on their FB group. And there was no hate, people came. They asked me to post this. Maybe the tables are turning!?

@Bobby I was told ALL BOARDS WELCOMED.

And of course, what dafuk you gonna do? Throw down becuase I ride a different board?

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Youd be surprised at what people are willing to throw down for :grin:! Either way I’ll be there… it will ne great to meet more people from the community

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Maybe…why don’t you suggest for their page “All Boards Welcome” as always been as always will be

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Ahhhhh…I see why they reached out to us here @Mikenopolis

There was a competition between them and BoostedBoard Chicago lol

I feel used

It’s good to be used, better than then be left to collect dust on the shelf.

Im gonna assume radio silence from here on out till they need something from us

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