Husky Pride | ThreeSix Downhill | Caliber 2 | SK3 6374 192kv(dual someday?) | 12s 8Ah | VESC | 97mm Flywheel

This thread is nothing special yet. I figured, now that I officially have parts inbound, I should start my build thread. My goal is to create a board that is strong and robust enough to carry me (6’1" 250lb) across the University of Washington campus (go dawgs), rain or shine, day or night, five days a week, and then shred some hills the remaining two days of the week. I have strong experience with RC components, having built a few of my own quad and tricopters. Feel free to comment on my parts list and give me any insight you feel I need. Here is my spreadsheet showing the total parts list as well as what has already been ordered. I look forward to sharing my build with you guys over the next month or so!

Cool… Can’t wait to see it :smile:

Go Dawgs! I’m a UW grad living in Spain. Welcome to the wonderful world of e-skates

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All my parts have now arrived except for the motor pulley from SPD/SI and my VESC from @chaka. For now I’m putting this build together on my ThreeSix Downhill until I decide if I actually want to purchase the Dojo. I’ll post pictures of the build as it looks currently tomorrow.

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Quick Photo Update. Only waiting for the VESC and then I will have to purchase/design an enclosure.


How close to the ground does the mount leave the motor?

If Im not mistaken the @psychotiller mounts are adjustable/rotatable so you can move them up and down a bit if clearance is an issue.

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Right now its about an inch and half but I can swivel it all the way up to about 3.5 inches. Its temporary placement until I get everything running.

What width belt are you using?

15mm belt. Wanted the extra strength even if I’ll eventually do dual motors.

How did you fit the pulley on the shaft?

Two set screws at 90 degrees apart at the base. I’m probably going to grind flats into the shaft so the set screws hold tighter.

Beautiful build…bit disappointed in the Coug red board but the board itself is narly. Where did you grab the drive pulleys and belt from?

motor one he said is from sdp/si same with the belt, the wheel pulley i have no idea but most likely sdp/si

Lol. I painted the board as an Italian flag as soon as I got it. I’ll probably repaint because it clashes a bit with the purple and gold. Both the pulley and belt are from SPD/SI.

Wheel pulley is a 3D print. Might go metal eventually but I figure I would try this out first.

@gamma2, nice build! I live near matthews beach in seattle, we should ride sometime🤙

unfortunately, the guy hasn’t been on here since mid 2016 :sob:

Ohhh…:expressionless:well then