HW6.4 based ESC - ESCape

Let the building begin


Do you have the source for that pcb?



But the way I look at it. Stewii provided -the bom -stencil files -STP for the case

The cost of a single PCB through him are maybe $2 more then it would be having the files and ordering through a company like OSHPark.

The guy took the time to design them, is selling them, has extremely quick shipping. I’ll let him have the miniscule upcharge for his time invested. The schematics are open source so anyone could design a board if they so desire…


I am still not sure, I have put ESCape on the cover PCBs, I thought it was cool.


By the way, I have managed to connect an LED strip WS2812B to the ESC, I had to change a couple of files on the firmware tho, because BV forgot to change a few things from the version 4 so it would work on version 6. If anyone is interested I can make a small tutorial. Video


Demo’ing this build this weekend…stewii vesc6 of course…


Did you figure out what was the problem with the sensors?

Not yet … but i think it’s the order of the pins. One thing i noticed on @stewii vesc6 ppm wires the servo and ground are opposite of Trampa vesc6. I mean they are correctly labeled on his white cover but opposite of Trampa’s.

What Trampa manufactured and the openly released schematics by BV seem to have a few minor differences like this.

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I should have all the components in by the end of the week to have 2 running :grin:


Yep… lol solved the mystery… he soldered on the connector in reverse for the sensor wires.

Again he does have it correctly labeled on the white cover… so no error there but you will have to reverse the wires in your adapter or flip his plug around.

Look closely…


Would you be able to connect a high kv motor and make a test to see if the ERPMs could at least reach 100,000 on the bench?

Sorry, I think i might asking for too much :joy:

No it’s fair to ask but unfortunately I don’t have any high KV motors. I had some 6355 230kV motors but sold them on forum as i kinda am not a speed demon but prefer the torque. Even with those i was highly limiting the amps to about 60A and got only to about 52,000 rpm.

All my motors are max now at 170kV :frowning:

High KV motors are growing less popular around here. I mean i get the use case we definitely need them to test the 100k limit of the DRV.

But i don’t have. Maybe @scepterr, @Pimousse, @Vanarian, @Surfer ? There are lot of owners out there now.

I only have 160,170,190 test with And these escs will ultimately be going on my carvon v4xl build I think those are around 100 But one interesting thing I think to try will be running both motors off one ESC…

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How would you connect them? Y connection on phase wires and then to both motors?

How would you perform motor detection?

Yeah just y spit, assuming motors are close enough together , would do detection individually and compare, don’t think that’ll be an issue. Keeping them “synced” would be the issue. They would be running sensorless. Maybe keeping them synced isn’t an issue I dunno, as long as they’re spinning at the same rate even if one starts before the other should be ok

What would happen on close turns when the outside wheel needs to spin faster?

Traction control won’t work, you will put a lot of stress on the vesc as you would have double the amp limits for both motors.

How about regen, you will need accept current from both motors, a huge amount for 1 controller

Lol yes mostly valid points, not something I’m planning doing long term, just wanna see how/if it works. Current draw and regen should be identical, considering you set limits, it’s as if you’re running 240A motors or ,180A motor, if you set motor max to 80A.

Do it for science man! I’d love to see the results


it should work, as long as the motors are in phase. I think you’ll run into problems when you corner though, because the controller will be trying to drive one motor “ahead” of its phase, and one motor “behind”. I think it’ll work fine on straights, but either stutter, lock up or throw an error on turns.

Also it probably won’t start two motors unless they’re positioned exactly the same way to begin with.

TL;DR it would work great if there were two motors sharing a single shaft, and they had been “timed” together so the phases/magnets line up. Outside of that, I think you’re gonna have problems. How large those problems will be, I dunno.

Yeah that’s the syncing issue I’m concerned about. I’m wondering if theres some clever way to solve that on carvons vs belt drive… Already sharing single shaft technically…just the timing issue