HW6.4 based ESC - ESCape

Try put 12V on usb :slight_smile: tell me later how your motherboard handled it :wink:

Why waste time? Just go straight for the heart the first time.


Why would you have 12V on the 5V ESC rail? And I said overcurrent not overvoltage :slight_smile:


Well… If the Ground on the DRV is badly solder you can get 8V or more on the 5V circuit, Also any defective part could create unique problem over the 5V

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It is pointless to play what if games. If you have 8V on the 5v rail then your ESC wouldnt work for sure. Why connecting it to a PC?

Well… I’ve repaire over a few hundred of ESC, so I’m just a dumb shit who don’t know what he is doing :wink:. If you want to close your eye on a known issue that up to you man.


Who said you are a dumb shit? What known issue? I am not populating R0 no more, my ESC have R0, never had an issue. Nothing to see here, move on.

Just plugged in my 2 new ESCapes and ran motor detection. All good, worked exactly as expected. So excited to get them up and running on the mountain board, or should I use them on the Tesseract? Decisions decisions.


imho tesseract… then again you can always just move em around :smiley:

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How much did you pay for the two? I’m too lazy going thru the whole thread … sorry


No man, the ESCapes are @Silverline 's

Nothing would happen if I put 12V on the USB line… My computer would just think it had a charger attached! #usbcmasterrace

and also, I’ve put more than 12V on USB… nothing happened…


Saaame 10 char


Uups sorry, wrong person :slight_smile:

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Hi, is there anyone that would have these 2 components spare on hand they wouldn’t mind shipping to New Zealand. I don’t mind paying a little extra on top of the cost plus shipping, these components are out of stock and will become available near the end of the year I’m just too impatient.

Components: 1 * LQM21PN2R2MGHL 1 * PMEG6020ER,115


LQM21PN2R2MGHL is 2.2uH inductor in 0806 package ~1.3A


PMEG6020ER,115 is Schottky diode min 60V min 2A and SOD-123W package


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I’ll check my spare parts box when I’m home.

Thanks, @brimmer. appreciate it!

Hi @Kug3lis I’m really bad with electronics forgive my questions, If i get a 60V 3A instead of a 60V 2A Schottky diode would that still work??

For example: https://nz.mouser.com/ProductDetail/ON-Semiconductor-Fairchild/SS36FA?qs=%2Fha2pyFadugJwW%2bgHSbajooq73VofB2m0AKhC5xQKuM%3D


It should work, yeah

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