HW6.4 based ESC - ESCape

Well, I’ll tell @Manu39 to try bypassing the voltage divider.

That was only a small batch for french guys. I need to sort PCB design (like this one) issues before going further.

Are there any HW/SW differences between V6 and Escape that might cause Metr module to not recognize it’s proper software version? Cable connection seems to be ok. Module is visible in app but cannot establish communication due to allegedly unsupported SW version, this looks like communication is after all working properly but doesn’t get proper firmware information back.

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Strange with an HM-10 (aliexpress) and @emmaanuel eskate apps the module is recognized and connect immediately … i also ordered a module metr.at i will not fail to make a return on the problems or not… did you set baudrate on 115200 bps in VESC TOOLS?

No, there isn’t differences. What kind of module is that used for metr.at? I dont have one. looks like an HM10. Is the ESC correctly configured? Are you on firmware 3.37? Why metr doesnt work with older firmwares?

I don’t really know, it works with hw 4.2 as well as with vesc 6. Esc is configured according to instructions at (https://metr.at/setup). I’ll check one more time tonight and let you know, hopefully I managed to misclick something and it’ll work.

@Manu39 I believe I did set everything right at least three times in a row :slight_smile: I’d appreciate if you check if yours work properly.

Edit: I started to believe I had missed something even though I checked it 3 times yesterday. Well, I checked everything one more time, it was all as it should be so I open Perimetr and of course it finds module in a blink of an eye. The only thing that changed is that I connected PPM remote (for the first time) before running Perimetr but I guess it’s nothing to do with it. I don’t know what happened but I strongly suspect that I missed something and lack of experience doesn’t allow me to realize what. Thanks for suggestions!

After several weeks of use I am now running into an Issue with the ESCape if i accelerate or break hard an OVER VOLTAGE fault occurs:

Fault : FAULT_CODE_OVER_VOLTAGE Current : -134.7 Current filtered : -30.2 Voltage : 59.60 Duty : 0.917 RPM : 46392.3 Tacho : 3489 Cycles running : 4054 TIM duty : 4259 TIM val samp : 2081 TIM current samp : 4405 TIM top : 4647 Comm step : 3 Temperature : 83.41

The Voltage value is not true. The most notable thing is, it does not happen if I connect the ESC to a Computer over USB. Because my R1 is still in place i thought that maybe the DC-DC converter is the source of the problem. I also found out that the Arduino connected to the 5V pin of the vesc performs a reset every time the fault happens.

btw I am using a 10s system.

It does not matter whether I use FOC or BLDC. Maybe some noise or drops on the 5v are messing with the ADC of the STM Help would be appreciated

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Check your battery inspect it maybe a cable is loose. Also are you encounter this problem only at full charge or random because u could be regening to much at full battery causing vesc to reboot

I am currently checking for a loose cable. It started occuring with a battery at 50% i have not yet charged the battery since then

Looks like an extremly high braking current. So maybe check on your motor too, to make sure the windings are not shorting.

As soon as I connect it to the computer the measured currents are no where near the stated above, that’s why it does not run into a fault if the 5V line is stable. I dont belive that a breaking current this high is true.

I just soldered the vesc directly to the battery without a switch and the error persists

That is the reg braking. It charges the battery , and with -134 A the voltage goes too high and throws a fault code. That’s normal. Can you put here your motor settings.

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It does also happen if i accelerate hard so breaking is not the only source for the issue

Can you check to see if those capacitor are still properly solder.



Do you run single or dual setup ? If dual, is it both Escapes then ??

metr only works with the modules @rpasichnyk sell. Even if they are HM10, the app checks the MAC address

I had those broken on both of my escapes, I had to order new ones from Mouser but when I installed them back in, one escape did not turn on anymore, unfortunately I had to replace them with FocBoxes as they one is no longer working and shipping it back takes a lot of time.

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Thanks a lot mr. Medusa wizard, apparently both contacts of one and one contact of the other capacitor managed to wiggle free.

I think after fixing it I’ll add some silicon


That is an impressive eye you have Sir

I’m not sure if he saw the problem or deduced what it was likely to be from the symptoms. That photo was of a different ESCape