Hyper ion systems pre-stock sale

(10%OFF $300 OR MORE UNTIL FIRST WEEK OF MAY) Free shipping domestic flat rate international HYPER ION SYSTEMS WOULD LIKE TO THINK ALL THOSE WHO MADE OUR COME OUT SALE SO SUCCESSFUL, THANK YOU AGAIN In response to the feedback and suggestions we have added much more information, up-to-date photos and hard to find parts and components for your DIY needs. When we discussed the direction of our company and services we wish to provide we found that an online store that offers everything needed in the increments wanted is a service the ESK8 DIY community could benefit from. Being small and not having to support a brick and mortar store front allows us to bring products at Lower cost to the customer and at less wait times. With our first sale we have been able to identify problem areas and fine tuned the shipping and refine the check out process to speed up order fulfillment. New items range from hub motors, outboard brushless motors, trucks for hub motors, electrical components to make led controllers, DC step down modules for powering LED lights, VEDDER anti spark switch kits or complete in the configuration you needed. Connectors, wire, nickel strip, batteries, heat tape in the amounts wanted. Tools, gears, board bumper protector kits and BMS’s for battery management and building. Motor mounts, remotes, heat shrink in a range of colors and sizes, solid state switches, push button latch switches, 40a58v fuses, are just a few items you will find at our store. Our New Sale is in anticipation of the bulk deliveries coming the first week of May. The sale will run from 4/20 to 5/6. Our goal is to make building your own electric board less frustrating by cutting shipping cost and delivery time to the customer. Bringing much needed products to the states will help cut the customers wait time add trouble of ordering from 4 different places. Offering more choices and being able to buy supplies in the amounts you want is a service we see a need for. We are still sourcing wheels Street and All Terran, a selection of decks with enclosures and screw sets. Thank you for interest and hope to serve your needs in your next build, Hyper Ion Bros www.hyperionsystems.org


VEDDER switch set up with removable fuse and wired for push button latching LED switch (waiting on delivery)

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 1.33.55 PM


Is most stuff in stock?

The racerstar motor is $65? Also I just tested the system and I live in NJ and it said no shipping options available for my area. So I think there is something wrong with the site.

We have a bulk order coming first of May. But we have quite a bit in stock.

I will double check the shipping but if your in the states I can ship it to you with in 2 days. . Sometimes the shipping calculator goes crazy after updates.

Ok, we have it sorted out. The system is acting funny with (free) shipping. So we have created some discount codes. One is (10$OFF) for purchases of 100 or more with 10$ flat rate shipping USPS 2 day tracked and 20%off $200 or more with code (PRESTOCK1) with same shipping. The system just won’t let you chose when the promotion is going. Sorry about that. And if your still interim the race stars I have 4

are your 10S5P and 12S4P 1 cell or 2 cells thick?

edit: might be using the wrong terminology

I’m not getting your question. We offer 4 cell in parallel and 12 of those in series. We will offer a 12s5p and possibly a 12s6p for the Lacroix board. And a line of 10s as well. We will do as small as 10s2p but nothing smaller. Options of bms charge/ discharge same port or separate. With all the extras led gage charge port switch etc. is that what your asking. And yes they will be beasts of batteries.

I think he is talking about how tall it is is it one cell high or 2 cells high.

That’s the cool part. It can be in any configuration. Stack two high. Flat end to end. Half fold. Loose. We have learned multiple techniques and have tried most. The one I’m way to do is the loose 72 cell la croix. But to answer the question it’s more along the lines of what’s the space you want it in and then go from there. ( like flat as possible or stacked ) that is the custom part. Every one offers some kind of battery their way. We offer batteries your way if possible and if not find the middle ground.

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IT LIVES (LED) push button latch anti spark DARTH VEDDER switch ™

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