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HyperBeast|Bullet|Enertion 50d Trucks|R-spec|Enertion MM|2x5s ZIPPY 5800mAh 25C|VESC

Hi everyone Ive been looking online for E-boards for a couple of months and finally settled on a build.

  1. deck Threesix downhill which my brother is buying for me as a birthday present :smile:
  2. Motor, I choose the R-spec 2.0 190Kv 63mm
  3. Trucks and motor mount are both from enertion
  4. Gear ratio i bought motor pulleys 13,14 and 15 ( gonna experiment a little), however i could not find drive hub pulley by itself on the website so im gonna have to get it from DIY ElectricSkateboard.
  5. VESC from Ollin Board w/ heat-sink
  6. For batteries i decided to get 2x5s 5800mAh 25c Zippy Compact Temporary until the summer when i want to build my own battery pack ( :sunny:Summer project )
    all of these have been ordered but the batteries gonna order them as soon as i get home + 83mm Flywheels, Wiiceiver, Nyko Kama Nunchcuk, 36T ABEC11 Drive Wheel Pulley and an ON/OFF switch with anti-spark.
    I’m Fairly new to all of this so any feedback or tips would be greatly appreciated :smile:

You can get the motor, trucks (with mounting hardware/bearings), motor mount, wheels, and pulleys all together and save with either of these two kits:

Mnn, My single set up cost $255 vs Enertions $383. I would go diy and save some money.

what parts did you use @NNGG?

@NNGG i was going to then i saw that they had a sale on single motor mounts + i had my eye on the R-Spec 2.0 so i thought it would be worth it to get them both from enertion.

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Any recommendations for a battery charger?

I got a HK 6374 149Kv for $80 plus a TQ mount for $120 and wheel/truck combo off ebay for $55

The Enertion trucks and wheels are overpriced. The motor is ok because all the hobby grade Brushless outrunners are essentially the same.
Enertion has a excellent track record with customer support, which is the only reason you are paying an completely extra $130. Lastly I would stick with lipos for now, they are just too cheap and reliable compared to the alternatives. To each his own I guess.

mounting- 130 (same as old enertion mount)
trucks- 60 (same as new calibers)
wheels- 30 (same as any flywheel clones)
motor- 110 (6355 R-SPEC price)
bearings/skate hardware - 10 (pretty standard…)

That is $340, which is around the price of the Enertion 6355 kit. Seems to me to be around the same as buying everything individually, except you don’t have to pay separate shipping from multiple different retailers.

Mounting is TQ paris: $120
Trucks are paris : $28
Wheels: $17
Motor is HK 6374: $80

Equals: $245, maybe $265 If you overestimate shipping

Quick Update on The Build
Ive chosen another deck custom made and smaller ( check out their website were you can fully customize your board for a good price.
Also went with 2x 4S 25C 5000mAhm, they didn’t have the one i wanted.
Every thing arrived but my diyelectricskateboard order scared me a little when i got home at 6pm tracking said delivered at 4 but there was no package so i panicked and emailed them but turns out they delivered to my mailbox not home address instead. which was weird cause everything else came straight to the house, and when i opened the package controller was missing(which was changed to the 2.4gHz mini, other one out of stock) so i sent him another email waiting for him to reply.
I also sent an email to ollin board Company to get an update on my VESC
I’m estimating ill be able to put it all together in April. i also have started working on an oven for a vacuum forming setup from an OLD TOASTER and a small SPACE HEATER(1500w 120v) but more on that in another topic.

If anyone still following, I just got all my electronics and i noticed that on the anti spark switch OUT leads the + connector is male and - female and on the VESC is also (+ male) and (- female) so im going to need to switch these connectors on VESC side or anti-spark switch right? Im guessing the IN leads on the switch are for the battery.

Dang, I was looking for those aluminum decks after seeing one online, but the guy stopped making them! Glad I peeped your thread. Any chance you got the deck yet? I’d love to see how you plan on mounting everything up, and how it looks. They seem to have a pretty stiff curve to them.

Edit: Nevermind, just saw you changed decks :frowning: was it due to difficulty mounting stuff to it and keeping it enclosed?

No it wasn’t that. I got the Three Six Double Drop Deck by mistake and didn’t think it had enough clearance for enclosures under so i returned it and designed this based on a Counter Strike Awp skin. But i was actually planning on making special ABS enclosures based on the shape of the board. Maybe next build ill do that.

Hmm, how were you planning on mounting everything would you have had a fully boxed enclosure to keep dirt and water and everything from going into the top? I really want to get one, and I have an enclosure coming from psychotiller, but I just don’t know if I could make it work :confused:

you could get a piece of wood, aluminum or ABS Sheet cut it in the bottom side shape of the enclosure while leaving 1 or 1.5 cm extra on all sides then mount the piece onto the board either drill holes into the board or use straps to hold it to the board if u don’t want to drill holes. Then you mount the enclosure onto that piece. Basically you need to cover the bottom of the enclosure and mount it onto the deck and still have access to the electronics when needed. Hope this helps :smile:

Yeah, I am thinking if I end up using one that I will have to get a sandwich style enclosure made to keep it all together, and then just glue the high powered magnets to both surfaces to keep everything clean. Or just make an aluminum top/bottom for it like your saying and find whatever way to mount it…I am just really weary of frying hundreds of dollars of electronics if I get stuck in some rain or it’s wet out after a rain…

Neodymium Magnets would work they’re really strong but i dont know how well they deal with vibrations but they should work if you use enough

MY Deck arrived looks great. Next step was putting it all together, that’s when i realized that i didn’t have the bolts and nuts for the trucks. Fortunately i found some after trying 2 skateboard and a hardware shop. like how do u not have 1-1/2 long screws? Anyway putting it together was easier than expected, and i was very pleased with the final product. A little on the heavy side though. will get a scale and put the weight tomorrow. Now before i say anything else im going to post a few pictures… The Tupperware container is just temporary until i get my vacuum forming setup up and running.

I’m a little worried about the motor clearance so i might get a second raiser pad. One thing i couldn’t figure out with programing was How to make accelerating and breaking not so aggressive. i watched a video made Benjamin Vedder where he explains what settings he uses in the positive and negative ramping time constant on nunchuk tab but those settings are not in the PPM tab. so my question is how can i make accelerating form zero torque/breaking smoother?

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