Hyperlinks to buy Raptor2 taking up almost half the page for non-registered users

The first link “Most Powerful Direct Drive Electric Skateboard” directs you to buy a Raptor 2 for ~$1400. The second hyperlink is the image of the two people longboarding links to the same page and takes up a good amount of web page real estate. Is this intended and accepted by all? It just seemed suspect since the links/image only shows up when you are not signed in.

Edit Ah, I see now. Onloop is a site admin and EnertionSupport is a mod. That makes sense.

Jason aka onloop owns Enertion and this forum. This was exactly a heated discussion in another thread when he had a too banner ad for all users.

So to silence the people opposed while keeping the ads up, they just left it for non registered users. :confused:

I only bring this up because I sense some sketchiness in r/electricskateboarding as well