I am intended to make some Kegel pulleys

I am intended to make some Kegel pulleys, but I have difficult to find Kegel wheels in china. could some one can send me a Kegel wheel for measuring and testing pulleys. 2pcs will be much better. old or damaged one will be ok.


I have some damage kegels. I can send them if you send me some pulleys when you are done making them :slight_smile:


have you done it?

yes, already done it.

@dickyho do you happen to sell your stuffs through taobao as well?

yes, I do. but I haven’t list these Eskate items on my TaoBao yet. you guys could buy from TaoBao too?

eBay is better :slight_smile:

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Yea I often buy from Taobao as that’s easier for me in Asia :slight_smile: Do you mind shooting me a link to your taobao store so I can save it into my fav list?

I almost don’t sell things on Taobao, because selling on ebay occupied most of my time. https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a2oq0.12575281.0.0.25911debLCZZgg&ft=t&id=563825503532


Thanks Dicky!!!


@von How do the pins fit? Do you have the old kegel cores or the new flipped kegel cores?

My pulleys haven’t arrived yet :cry:

is you here!! :grin:

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I don’t have any kegel cores right now. I bought them in preparation but I will have access to some kegels this Sunday. Will update! I will also have some elofty wheels which many suspect are just boosted wheels. Tbh I didn’t know there is a new and there was an old core…

Just a confirmation that the kegel pulley shouldn’t have any problems with calibers. Flywheel pulley is still the same though.

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I dont see kegal pulleys on your shop, link?

Sorry, still haven’t list them yet, already got those pulleys days ago. still too busy too make the list, will try to do that tonight.

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Here are some pictures. They seem to fit fairly well on the kegels and elofty boosted wheels. Still haven’t had time to ride them yet. image image image image image image


Relevant to you @b264

Flipped core 110s, the fit is pretty damn good, almost no play. I had resigned myself to possibly heat shrinking the posts but I wont need to.





glad to know that you got those pulleys! the tracking still not work…

@ brenternet

recommended glue those poles, I worry about will got loose by vibration.

Where are kinky dinosaurs @brenternet ?