I am looking for a custom enclosure for my e-sk8

I have a board with a 12s4p Psychotiller pack. I also have a Psychotiller enclosure that was supposed to fit it. It doesn’t. There is not nearly enough room to fit 2 focbox, my loop key and the battery pack.

Does anyone know how I can get a custom enclosure or at least one that will be able to fit everything?


What enclosure did you get? What’s the battery configuration? Deck wb?

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What kind of size and angle of the board? Perhaps i can build one for the future boards…

@Skunk @Miniproto

Thanks for the responses! the pack is actually a 12s5p in flat configuration. i can get exact dimensions later tonight if you need.

the deck is a landyachtz billy bones osteon (https://www.amazon.com/Landyachtz-Osteon-Longboard-Skateboard-Complete/dp/B06XW35YRX)

again i can get you guys exact dimensions later if you’re able to do enclosures??

I can 3d draw and print in pieces, if you wish we can make a Glassfiber Mold or reinforce the printed with glass or Carbon. Just an idea…

Which Psychotiller enclosure is it?

Maybe look around Aliexpress store’s

This is my setup. Not sure where you are, but I could get you something like this: