I been wanting to do this build For over a year now and finally did it

Inspired by @okp

Original jet potato deck unikboards 35 degrees risers got them off @mikenyc without it wouldn’t have be possible to build lol thank bro. Kaly NYC CNC hanger and motor mount. And thank to @Kaly for helping build it and letting me use his shop to build it.


congrats. that came out amazing

Beautiful build my friend!


And here I thought jet spuds are supposed to be small

Seems too high and unstable for me. I really like the clean finish and wheels though. :heart_eyes:

lol NYC repping hard in this thread.

(oh hey Bara). jk :rofl:

Thank Bro once all the snow clears up I’ll pass by with it. It rides amazing :grimacing:

Thank you this thing ride like a beast

It’s like any board you just have to get use to it. And you will be very surprises at how stable it is to ride

you gotta ditch that metro board sticker tho


that is the most beautiful potato I’ve ever seen

are you still butt boarding often? you seriously need to get off your a$$ ASAP


Haha nah man it part metro board and plus the sticker goes with the Color scheme of the board bro

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ilan is going to take credit for it. watch this appear on their homepage

Lol I wouldn’t be mad at all Ilan been good to me best costumer service ever. Really good guy


It is a beauty


thanks mate for all the credits. You did really well. You can’t go wrong with Kaly.


Thank you very much appreciate the kind words

Let’s get some specs brother. Sick ass build man

No problem . And thank you for showing us it could be build :+1:t3: