I been wanting to do this build For over a year now and finally did it

Very nice! We demand a video :video_camera: :sunglasses::metal:

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I will post one as soon as I can we are having a snow strom here in nyc right now :unamused:


Nice I’ve been wanting to buy those wheels for some time now but I’m going to install them on TB 218mm trucks with an adaptor that allows me to use a regular skate bearings

Cool Which adaptor is that i am interested

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awesome work, Gotta find me a Spud deck. Been looking everywhere for 32-35" decks w/ large wheelbases

It’s from board bumpers,

Oh nice thank sharing

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https://buildkitboards.com/collections/decks You can get from here they have in stock

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That board looks amazing, I wonder how it rides? is it a lot more torquier that a 10S4P battery? Or are you doing it dor range?

How much does it weight?

I’m getting inspired by you with this build, I might do something similar but with a smaller battery for lower stance

@Eboosted It ride amazing super smooth, it is a lil high off the ground but you get used to. Just have to put some dampeners cus it’s Extremely curvy without them. And once you go over 25mph it feel a lil wobbly.

It does has torque it can get up some of the Steepest hill in my area with out any problem at all from a stand still It weigh around 22lb.

Well it has a 10s8p battery pack in there as I love not having to worry about charging. When I go out to ride lol all my boards are long range. I even have trampa street craver that’s 12s11p lol so range is the game for me.

But I am not done yet with it I plan on doing some upgrades. To it once you finish with the enclosure for the jet spud deck.


That 12s11p battery sounds amazing, u should show some phone of how big is it, unless u have crammed it in a box u rather not show to the world.

Otherwise really nice outcome for such handy / compact board no matter the pack size

@Okami Here it is it has 12s4p on the bottom Enclosure and 12s7p on the top on the box. To make one big battery 12s11p and and it can be unpluged to just run it at 12s4p. The rage on this bad boy so far I have gotten around 58 mile with out changing.


Cool, not a bad idea, didnt imagine someone would combine underside battery with topside one. Good thinking :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems like u have good cooperation with Kaly, non the less :slight_smile:

@Okami it’s a beast of a board all around haha yea he be looking at me crazy every time I go to him with an idea some can be done other can’t.

Here is a video that my friend did when I took it out for the first test ride it’s starts at 4:23 https://youtu.be/MCZxPXAdpng


https://instagram.com/p/BgGk8TTDSCW/ new video by @Kaly


Looks very enjoyable.

I’m sure Kaly has told you to only connect the batteries together when at the same voltage

@pat.speed Yup it’s the only way it would work. If not everything would go to :poop: lol

Ok good thing you know that