I bought 2 defective Meepo Hurricane batteries need opinions

Okay so these two defective meepo hurricane batteries one of them’s Mollicell the other one Samsung 40 q or t I don’t remember both 21700. Now, one of the packs went bad within 3 days of replacement the other pack was bad as soon as he got his board . He went to charge it for the first time and it wouldn’t accept a full charge. so I bought themb from him and when I opened the one up that wouldn’t accept the charge right off the bat it just had a balance lead solder joint that had come off so I repaired that and it’s still a new battery as far as I’m concerned. They are $699 bucks from meepo . I’m going to keep one and sell the other does $475 sound like a good deal? Also it comes in its own aluminum case or box but once it’s removed from the case it looks just like any other DIY or quality made pack. So, what do you guys think is a fair price for that could I get more than 475 quickly cuz that’s what I’m looking for it a quick sale once I post it for sale just wanted advice before doing so the other one I’m going to make into a 10s pack and use it myself.

sounds reasonable given the price of batteries these days.

If this is a sale thread, it’s in the wrong category, doesn’t have photos, and doesn’t contain a location.