I could be wrong, but this forum is about to get more busy

The OTHER forum, is losing its WORKING owner. It is supposed to remain open, but who knows for how long, or under what conditions.

This is a big hit to the sport.

So, I would suggest that this forum hold tight.

And somehow, discussion should follow, to archive any stuff, if things change, either here or there.

I would have had a hard time DIYing, if not for a forum.

It is crucial to the advance of our sport.

I’m done for now - Vendor Corner (SERIOUS) - esk8.news forums

I dont know if it is forbidden to post a link from another forum, but this is intended for the best.

Delete if I have sinned.


I got drunk one night and tried to find my way to this forum via a search engine when I couldnt find my bookmark or a shortcut. Ended up in some strange place with a bland beige background and my login info didnt work.

To this day I’m still not sure what happened but every so often I have beige themed nightmares. Best to just forget about it and move on with my life. :rofl:

Esk8news is a great forum with helpful users and tons of used parts. Hopefully nothing changes because as you said it would have been much harder completing my first build without that forum.

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I don’t care for what happens in the other forum tbh. But I do enjoy the knowledge I’ve learned from it. I just wish they weren’t sensitive.

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Truth is, I have not met any negative posters in either forum. Skateboarders are supposed to be rude and ignorant trolls. I have found that ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD enthusiasts are helpful, honest and positive. Same with electric bicycles. Maybe the ELECTRIC part is why?

Anyway, I heard that electric bicycling forum, maybe even endless sphere was shutting down, and that all forum material would be lost. search, no more. THAT, would be a tragedy.

I wrote an OPed here about standardization, and certification of parts playing well together, as all this knowledge is a little esoteric. Before we can expect EVERY kid and most persons having a PEV.

Anyway, few would brave a DIY build, unless the knowledge base is there to search.

Long live the BEST reason for the internet. No, not porn, knowledge base.

The longevity of a forum is the people, not the owner. It’ll be finee


They’re as banned as I am in the other forum. Here isn’t many mod so everything goes… Either they said the word gay, or retarded in a sentence that wasn’t even insult intentive :roll_eyes: the help part isn’t the issue. Also, it’s the people that’s keeps a forum alive. We all have our side differences, but we can agree that we joined a specific forum for that specific group and knowledge.

As stated. I enjoyed the knowledge, I just wish they weren’t sensitive.

You are interpreting LHBs statement completely wrong. He is done with his custom work because of the strain it is putting on his mental health. He is excited to finally have time to work on his own boards and hang out with his family and the community more with his time, going back to what the hobby is all about. If anything the forum will get better than it ever has. Funding to keep the forum running isn’t an issue. I’m not sure how you interpreted his message that way, seems like just something to start drama.


I hang out over on Endless-Sphere too. Havent seen any signs of that forum even slowing down. I doubt they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

I guess that was a rumour from some time ago that it was being ended.

What would be nice is to have the industry fund these things as well. So we could include lobbying to protect our sport. I think endless has some political sway. We dont have much.

To Joey, I have seen a lot of forums close, not skateboard, but political. And all journal info etc, vanish.

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And we wish you weren’t so ghoulishly homophobic. There’s good reason you got banned dude, don’t try to pretend.

Esk8.News isn’t going anywhere- the owner is retiring from his business to focus on having fun with Esk8 again.

Nice try with that cap. But continue to believe that I am. It’s not really gonna change anything. I love how those that know me knows I’m not but random retards who don’t take the time to know a guy thinks I am. But I don’t blame you for that stupidity. Conversations are difficult to maintain.

I got banned because someone got sensitive. Even though, as I said before, there were others before me that said the same things.

The only correct thing he wrote though was probably the trolling. I do love to troll sensitive idiots.

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I think you’ve misunderstood. He said he was closing his vendor services. This would mean he’d have even more time to browse the internets, not less.


Buddy you can try to rewrite this anyway you want, but you got banned for being a homophobic troglodyte. I saw your little meltdown.

Good luck trying to exist in modern society with your bigoted views.

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Aaaahhhh Dres! Is that you?

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Melt down? Lol you mean the others? Including yourself? I was having a lot of fun. Ngl.

LHB was right on the trolling. Wrong with everything else. I mean its on my suspension. But hey, I’m doing great in society. Thanks for asking.

But in all seriousness, don’t ever take a guy who has an “about me” like this:

Seriously. Not a good look. It was made to troll.

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You can try to excuse it as trolling, but you got ejected for your homophobic bullshit and nobody cried over it but you. Good riddance.

For anyone curious:

Lol we had a good laugh when he said that. But you cried over it in my PM. I didn’t care. If any one did read that, with no context, he’ll look right, although he was wrong about Christ. But, that looks like he has a melt down…

I thought you said I did?

As I stated. I love how those who knows me knows I’m not, but random retards who don’t thinks I am. But continue to make me look bad. It’s gonna work in your dreams.

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The biggest reason to have the website is to legitimize and promote his business. And the biz pays the freight. Without that, the WORK involved, might begin to be seen as intrusive, without its main utility.

I understand what he is saying, but think that reality still exists. And to gird for anything.

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As long as the site doesn’t fall, you should be okay. Keep learning to the fullest.

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