I dont know if this has been brought up before but

I am thinking of doing this for my setup. Is this a good idea? Or no? The charger is a normal DC charger that plugs into the wall. I am wiring two 5S lipos into series, and using an ESC rated for the output of the batteries.


What the fuck.


I know it looks confusing but it sounds like something that would work

In order to power your esc you have to connect the charging port?


Oooohhh you just helped me a ton. thanks

Where is the bms?

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You kinda need both - and + on the charge port

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Is there a way to do this though? having the charging port somewhere else obviously. I just dont want to use BMS, but i will if i cant figure out this setup…

You need a bms or you lipo will :boom: x5%20ZIPPY%20Flightmax%205000mAh%202S1P%2030C%20-%20Lipo%20Battery%20Pack%20042017 Heres diagram I found on the forum. (Tap on it to see the whole image)


There are tons (literally) of diagrams on the forum.

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Look through the diagrams thread before continuing

Disclaimer: not all of them are correct! You can always ask us about a specific one, or draw one up


You don’t have to have a bms or a charging port. Get a 20.00 imax6 hobby charger and your good. Only drawback is you will have to get to your batteries to charge them.

Well if you want you could attatch all your balance cables to a vga port and have a xt 90 port and you could just plug a imax charger into it

That’s not true. Show me one instance where an esk8 blow a lipo… I’ll wait.

Edit: they aren’t “needed”. They are recommended for a safer setup. Ive run lipos with no bms and ive run li-ion with no bms. For fuck sakes ive gone months with out checking levels and nothing. No fizz, no fuss, no puffs and balanced with in .2 @ most. I’m not saying it cant happen though. You mistreat lipos or li-ion and you will pay dearly. With your board, your life or both.

Then you use a hobby charger when charging… This guy wants to plug a DC brick ontop of his main terminals, thats a huge difference…


So in a complete answer, no, it will not work. You will need a bms if you want to use a dc charger, but if you don’t want a bms, then you will have to use a lipo charger. Sounds like you need to do some more research before starting this build. Good luck building.

This is a really bad idea, but it will work. It means you have to take your skateboard apart and put it back together every time you charge it. Which means you will run the battery all the way to dead before you charge it. Which will reduce the battery life and reduce the amount of fun you can have and make it useless as a commuting tool.


let me guess you have a balance charger

yea you can get them for like 15$

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Ah you got me :blush:

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