I don't know what I'm doing

I need help finding a new battery for my maverix border x. I want to replace its heavy lead battery with something lighter, I don’t know what to look for exactly. I’m hoping to find a decent one on amazon because of 12 month financing that I can do with it. Any help would be appreciated.

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At first you have to give us more information about the board, about voltage, amp ratings, motor, ESC…

But personally I would not use that board anymore, build a new one, better one :slight_smile:

Wish I could, but I just got this one and still paying it off. Right now wishing I saved the box to return the thing

Only things I can tell from the motor is that it’s voltage is 36v, rated current is 28.4a and its output is 800w. I don’t know a thing about ESC. Motor is a my8919

If it helps, everything on it is still factory.

What’s the voltage of your pack

Voltage is a 36v 36ah, 3 12v 12 ah batteries in it.

that should be 36v 12ah not 36ah

Oh dang. Sorry when I looked it up on the website http://maverixusa.com/products/replacement-sealed-lead-acid-battery-800w-id-8 It said “The Battery itself is capable of generating 3*12 Ampere-hours at 36 Volts.” Thought it meant 3 x 12. So it is 36v and 12ah?

Yea the batteries are in series for 36v which means the amp hours don’t change. Conversely, if they were in parallel it’d be 12v 36ah. You could do something similar with a 10s4p pack of 18650 Li-ion or lipo pouches.

Awesome, so I’d need to get em to 36v (that much I know) what about the ah, would it be okay to go over 12 or should I stay at 12

it only affects your range

Thanks for the help! I’ll start working on getting a battery

When I first started on the road to eskates I had bought a malfunctioning board a bit like the one you have. First I replaced the batteries with lipos. Mine was 24 volts so I went 6s. It was a massive improvement in just weight alone. I made a smaller enclosure too. Then I smoked the motor so bought a motor from alien power systems. Not realising that the brushless motor I had just bought would need an esc for it and because the esc was integrated with the receiver I would have to replace them too! Shortly I replaced the trucks, wheels and drive train too. And so it began…

Something tells me I’d probably end up in the same boat or end up upgrading it so much that it’s not the same board. Now I know, don’t buy what you can make yourself. I got so stupidly impatient that I bought it off fingerhut.

You can’t over volt them?

SLAs rated for 12Ah might be giving you 7 actual AH capacity at the Discharge rate of the board (higher amp Discharge = less capacity and quick sulfation).

Honestly if you were to do an 8 AM power 10 ass battery using like to fight us 30 5C wiper batteries in series with a little BMS stuck in the board and probably get more arranging a pass anything you do out of your sleds and it would weigh a couple pounds like literally 2 pounds

As a newbie you’re probably better off to go with a prebuilt tennis for pizza and a power pack , Make sure that you get Samsung 25 or or equivalent cells so they can handle this and discharge those cells are rated for 20 A continuous discharge rate so in a 4P configuration you have idiots continuous discharge capability although I wouldn’t go that far with it

Do you have any idea how much current your bored uses how many amps the controller drawers there’s a question what’s the rated power how much do they advertise it as wattage ?


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i have an Altered M4 800 - single 800w motor , looks very similar , and i’m working to convert it over as well. One thing to note if you decide to upgrade the ESC is that these motors are Brushed DC (not Brushless). You can tell because the motor has 2 phase wires, rather than 3. you should be able to use VESC set to DC mode (instead than BLDC or FOC). i’ll be testing this soon on mine and will let you know how it goes.

You should fire Siri she’s a terrible assistant… let her go lightly. Unless… you were talking about playing a game of tennis with factory rackets (as opposed to DIY tennis) for a pizza, in which case carry on.


Only thing that it tells me about power is that the engine is 800w and it’s recommended 28.4a. Probably another reason to start building a board instead of buying