I dub thee Bob's Boarder

A little clean up of my main build recently, new 90kv Torqueboards direct drives, new enclosure, new landyachtz 36 evo falcon deck. Torqueboards 12s4p battery running on a unity. All mounted incredibly cleanly thanks to @J0ker3366 for his help with that! First ride today and it is super carvy but a bit wobbly at speed. Looking at solutions now.








Glad to see her finally built up Corey!


Top speed?

Not sure yet, realized I need to change the angle on the front base plate since the 50° plate was a bit wobbly, I’ll let ya know when I finally test her fully

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I’ve been eyeing this setup on a haya deck. But im not sure they can keep up with abuse because i use bindings.

Awesome grip tape

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What’s the approximate range you are getting with this board and the TB110’s?

Haven’t fully range tested it, but not a test I usually run cuz I prefer not to pay for the uber home :yum:

Sounds like you need a set of upgraded bushings for those trucks. Any idea what kind they shipped with?

The bushings are pretty quality riptides. The issue seems to be the wedged and dewedged front and rear. Picking up a 44° base plate to adjust it

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Nice looking build. Don’t change the angle on the front truck. The deck was designed for 50’s
Instead try different duro combinations in the bushings till you feel comfortable. I really struggled with mine when I first built it and tried all kinds of angles etc. Yes you can stabilise it but at the expense of manoeuvrability. To start I just tightened everything down and rode till it was good, then changed out the boardsides with hard bushings and softer barrels street. Again rode it till I got used to it and now have the trucks very loose. The wide profile of the front of the deck makes it very sensitive to foot movements at speed so if you keep planted and push off with your back foot on the drop while relaxing and keep your weight centred it smooths itself out into a demon. Most of riding an evo is rider ability. Its not a board you can just hop on and hoon around. Its one you have to learn. Once you do get used to it though you will love it. I mean love it. Also check the pivots for movement. That made a drastic improvement on mine when accelerating because it stopped the rear truck from walking. Again its a lovely build and I hope you get it dialled in because they are a joy to ride when set up correctly.