I finally finished my budget board! ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGABTPWcC3Y )

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That board rocks big time!

I would love to see it upgraded with a cheap battery from batteryhookup.com so you could ride it for days!

Great work for a young lad!

My only feedback would be regarding the pipe clamps, i think they may eventually come loose, so do be careful and check them each ride.

Maybe next you will try some welding? you could weld the axles for a stronger drive train.

Otherwise you could try to remove the steel axle in the rear truck, i think i recall someone did that on those trucks before. Then you can possibly insert the motor axle into the truck & use epoxy & set screws to fix it.

Overall great effort!

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Thanks so much. The enclosure is just big enough to fit a screwdriver for the clamps.

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