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I fixed my NTM PropDrive 270

So earlier this week I thought I fried one of my NTM 270s. It got so hot that it almost burned my hand and was making this subtle clicking noise while running. So I benched my board and found that the can was slipping back and forth and thought the bearings were toast or something. That was when I found this grub screw:

You can see it there lurking just between the can spokes on the far right of the motor, covered in dirt and contempt. It was loose, and it was causing basically all of the problems. I tightened it up and reassembled my board and took it out for a spin this morning. No more over heating or funny business.

I guess that after loosening that grub screw you’re supposed to be able to drop the can off the shaft to clean the stators? Maybe I’ll take a closer look sometime.

Hopefully this will help somebody out who’s having the same issue.

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Nice! That was easy huh?

The good news is that my ranting in another thread about the shortage of replacements has led to some encouraging news regarding some 6355 230’s from @torqueboards

But yes this would be a very easy thing to check for if your can is slipping around and overheating!

@longhairedboy - Yessir, those cheap ass set screws… I usually replace those with actual bolts since majority of the time there is a flat spot on the motor shaft in that area.

A cap head bolt is much more durable to put more torque on versus a small set screw. It’s usually M3 threaded.

Tell me about it. I wasted three allen wrenches and two grubs trying to reset my messed up pulley screw after fixing this issue.

So cap heads on the shaft won’t cause a balancing issue? Would they cause a balancing issue if i started using them on the motor pulley as well? I’m really getting tired of grub screws. Once they strip there’s no getting them out. At least with a cap screw you can go at them with the pliers or notch them with a dremel and follow up with a flathead screwdriver. I have to do the latter with button heads when i use too much threadlocker sometimes.

I don’t notice any balancing issues with M4 bolts on my motor pulleys. There could but not enough to notice.

I prefer having something solid to torque down on versus small set screw holes.

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Excellent. I think I’m going to swap my grubs out for some cap heads and see how much better life gets.

for what its worth, I have found that using a torx driver on stubborn allen screws works well.

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