I fucked up not sure where to put this

Not sure where to put this but here, I’m sad now, brand new motor.1553808622259425470227866740914

What did you do? forgot to secure the hub motor to the truck/hanger?


Yeah… lol. Thought I put the bolt in but my mind is very out of it right now. Luckily I have a spare. If that gets fucked then I’m fucked. Hopefully nothing happens till I build my DIY. The motors or the bearings I got on it are like water damaged or something they make loud noises, unsure how to repair. I hope It will do.

Great lesson, always keep spares and have lots of them, and double check everything and make sure everything is secured.

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pop that thing open and resolder/ shrink wrap the wires, then you’ve got a spare again


Yah, if it’s already useless to you now there’s no harm in trying to fix it.


Did the same thing with some jacob hubs last year. Fiddly job but open the motor up and redo the phase and sensor cables. Easy mistake to make but usually the motor survives.