I good the way that i think? (2 Turnigy Graphene in parallel to one BMS)

Hi everyone!

i want to power a old scooter that i have, this originally uses two 12v 9000mAh lead acid batteries in series and the motor an 24v 900watts motor (https://www.monsterscooterparts.com/trsc/rec-categories/motors1/24voltmotors/24-volt-900-watt-electric-motor-11-tooth-chain-sprocket.html)

so i want to use 2 turnigy graphene 6000mAh 6S 65C bateries en parallel to get 12000mAh capacity merged with a BMS

so my questions is about this config of batteries will it work properly without a explode risk

to connect the two batteries in parallel on the BMS it’s just join the same terminal on both bateries and after to the bms, like this diagram with a hobby charger, right?


and finally witch BMS will you recomend to use with this proyect??

thanks in advace for any answer