I got a Ruroc hey, hey,hey, hey!

image Boy this thing is awesome.Thanks @topcloud !!! And thanks to @Mikenopolis and @b264 for The idea with the Rydesafe stickersimage image image


Noice. You could get yourself el wire and apply on helmet IMG_20190210_150649


Wait aren’t thoese snow boarding helmets? If so then I’d doubt there designed for asphalt.

Correct me if im wrong.

As far as I have heard, you are completely correct…

Pretty sure the bottom shell is just plastic, so it won’t protect your chin…


They do have a motorcycle range

But most people tend to be using the snow ones instead. Suppose how good it is depends on if your comparing to proper full face helmet or vs something like a skate helmet. I’d guess the snow ones are better than a full open face.

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It may be a snowboarding helmet but it still offers protection. A few people have crashed with these on and been relatively fine in terms of head injury.

The chin guard is plastic but seems to be tested to pretty high stength. This is just a case of something is better than nothing.

Tested (might be bias) Starts at 1:40