I got broke esk8

How do i diagnose and fix? its a paen board that hit a puddle and wont turn on now.

need more information

Also the other site might be better

what site?

e s k 8 n e w s. c o m


Send it to @longhairedboy


Quick diagnose tips:

  1. if the board has been sitting, the battery has gone bad (or just too low! Keep charger plugged in for a longtime), also try turning ON while charger is connected.

  2. Make sure the charger is still good! LED can still turn ON, but unable to charge the board (a multi-meter can be used to check the charger’s voltage.

  3. Defective charging port! It can cause a short while connecting your charger. In that case, your BMS (battery management system is gone, but the battery still fine).

  4. Dead ESC (electronic speed controller), this one sucks. This will require an ESC replacement or repair. This is likely when the board has shut down on you during a ride.

If I was you, I will first take a look at the battery. Only do this if you have good DIY skills, measure voltage. If the voltage is good, it can still be the BMS or even Just one dead cell