I got into a car accident and my Ollin T-Shirt last night

The shirt is badass, the busted board, not so much.

I wasn’t hurt, but it was very close, the driver left turned very aggressively into an intersection where I was crossing at a ped-walkway. He wasn’t looking and his wheel brushed against my foot as I hopped back. He only realized we were there after he had run over the board and it had crunched loudly.

The shirt though - it almost makes up for it. :laughing:


SUCK. LHB deck Down…

Glad you are OK.

Thanks man. Yeah, she’s a goner.

Did you got any compensation for this?, I assume only the deck is damaged… is that right?

Filed a claim with the guy’s insurance, he was an uber driver/had his own car service. I also don’t mind going to court and will probably file a small claim if they screw around. The deck and enclosure are beyond repair. All the electrical appears fine on the surface, but I haven’t opened it up yet. We’ll see how it all pans out.


Shit man, good thing you bailed in time!

By the looks of the enclosure, the spot welds on the cells may have not survived.

I’ll do an autopsy.

Nothing was rattling around in there and scraped off portion of the enclosure just barely exposed the interior, nothing got through. I could see the physical shock rattling things loose though.

@guyguy Sorry to hear about your bad luck! Glad you’re OK. Nice work keeping yourself safe!

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@longhairedboy to the rescue

You just can’t trust people that drive cars!


Amen to that. Watch for the whites of their eyes! I had to jump off my board today as someone pulled in to a store driveway right in front of me. Her passenger was blocking her sightline to me so I bailed while watching the passenger freak out because he knows I am in the driver’s blind spot. The car stopped well after it should have. Stay safe out there. Pedestrians have right away, but cars are quite hard objects. Poor eboard.

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that shirt does look cool! Reading the story I was just thankful you didn’t get jacked up by the terrible driver. they dont even look…

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I’m really glad you’re ok bro. That is some seriously scary shit.

But to be completely honest I was beginning to wonder what it would take to destroy one of my decks. I’ve seen them take hits from shit that would normally destroy another board. So a car actually has to run over it. Noted.

I’ll bet that pack is a goner though. You might be able to tack it back together if the cells themselves are undamaged but the welds popped.


The trucks and wheels look fine which I think is remarkable since they were under a tire.

The battery looks and feels fine too, no breakage in the heatshrink, pack is still solid with no bends, no cosmetic damage and everything works (vesc boots fine, motor runs fine, it charges) and the soc meter looks like it’s behaving normally (it acted crazy before when I had a dead cell).

It’s kind of like when a bullet goes through someone and misses all their vital organs, except here the bullet was a car.

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Are you going to keep the deck and box for your wall? That’s where i put all my old and busted decks. Especially broken ones of ones filled with mistakes.

You probably shouldn’t order any more shirts from Ollin if this is what happens when you do.

Also, if you want, totally up to you, you can send me your board. this isn’t exactly a warranty situation but I’m willing to set you up with a new deck and box to ease your trauma and transfer everything over for you. It might take me a little while to get it done but i won’t charge you anything. I have boxes and deck veneer to spare.


I think you need provide a repair bill to prove the amount of damage caused by the incident to get compensated by the insurance company

I just listed this as totaled and sent pictures. The board probably doesn’t cost that much more than a small auto claim they may see.

The insurance company was shady though, hopefully the process isn’t convoluted.

if you need for them to contact me about the value of the board and its components, feel free to give them my info. I’ll back you up.

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I think you need a lawyer! I would file criminal charges out of general principles the next time that guy hits a pedestrian with out looking it might be a child.

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Dang glad you are okay!

As a side note, how the heck are you still riding your board. Isn’t it like 20 degrees in Chicago?