I got my battery wet... damage control options?

Just throw it in a bag of rice :slight_smile:

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Reassembling the whole pack would be the best option, this is some lq shit right here, its not nickel at all or even nickel plated steel

i also believe that this would be the best way to handle this. also for safety reasons.

maybe use some shrink tube to protect ur pack if u drive in wet conditions more often maybe also use some moisture absorbing chemicals near the BP just to be save… this could go terribly wrong .

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rip all meepo batteries out there.

yeah this is post tear down… it was shrink wrapped quite well in both directions so fully encased…

Looks like u need a better overall case if ur willing to go on driving in this conditions, but this will be a easy thing to change :wink:

yeah Im in the middle of a diy build right now but this cold weather is cramping my building time… just trying not to sacrifice any batteries unnecessarily…

Well I.ripped the pack apart… 3 batteries were at 3.4…the rest were mostly 4.2 with a few at 4.15…

But this one here is reading -.29… And yes this is with the postive probe on the positive side… And if i put negative probe on pos. Side it give a positive reading… So what does that mean?

That means that battery is done lol

no magic tricks to bring it back?? lol

Generally cells that get down to 2v are no longer usable and this one is .29v so unfortunately no there’s no trick, you may need to make a new battery because mixing new cells and old ones is a no no

The right thing to do is to throw that pack into the garbage can and get a new one.

I know that’s not he answer you wanted, but I think any repairs to anything that wet just isn’t safe(or worth the time imo)…

actually overall most of the cells looked pretty decent… the battery was encased in that sticky green paper (technical term) and then had the shrink wrap on. My assumption based on the whole situation is that some mild moisture permeated the battery case and that got into the pack in select spots which caused the bms to corrode and connection points to rush in some spots… a lot of areas showed no rust or corrosion after pulling off all the metal which was interesting.

I was looking at just getting another lgamf off ebay or something… i cant part ways with it yet and only had 6mo of use in it… =/

First of all, none of this should be rusting at all, because it’s supposed to be nickel with copper connections.

It’s designed to be cheap though, not good, and it appears they’ve used steel instead to save money. Which is not surprising at all, because it’s what consumers have demanded – cheap over everything else, including safety.

Think about what you buy.

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Jesus Christ!!! you are what is wrong with buying second hand these days. That is not what “pretty good shape” means. No wonder I get POS when I purchase “like new” items on eBay.

If you insist on riding any eskate in water you might as well just ride it straight into the ocean.

You don’t have to part ways with your board but you have to part ways with that battery, the only thing you can do is recover the good cells and make something small like phone charger or use them for 18650 powered flash lights but as an esk8 battery it’s no more.

This is a very foolish statement. That’s like saying you should never drive a car when it’s raining/snowing. Might as well just drive it into the ocean, right?

I’m pretty sure my boss would think I was smoking crack if I told her I wasn’t coming to work because it’s snowing/raining/whatever. What actually happens is the skateboard gets ridden in whatever weather happens to be outside when I need to go to work/ grocery shopping/ whatever.

If you’ve devised a clever way to control the weather, please let us know! :heart_eyes:

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so dramatic! This isnt for sale nor listed on ebay and if it were I would use different verbiage… but expectation vs reality based on the only pic i provided I would have expected a lot more corrosion overall on the batteries based on how the paralell/series connects looked. But once stripped away the majority of decay was topical.

Out of context these batteries could be misrepresented as “harvested cells” and probably wouldnt be questioned… just sayin

Well, I personally also think you should inspect all cells… at least check the ones u can…

Though it still looks like u would need to get a direct replacement for the bad cell and any others there might be… would probably mean redoing the pack more or less…

Not sure if cutting one string of parallel cells is an option and whenever it would bring satisfying result (less range, less power… )

As you ride, the weather may be rainy, or you might encounter puddles and fail to notice them, resulting in a wet skateboard.