I got picked for the riptide ambassador program

So I got picked for the ride riptide ambassador program but not sure I want it as it is only for the r1 and it definitely won’t give my board a run for its money. I will say it is generous of ride riptide because it is 50% off and they gave me a code to get the deck and then you get a code for others.


Nice bro! Sounds pretty epic :slight_smile: a deal is a deal.

Yeah but I don’t think I would ride it as the board I built would have atleast 3 times the range slightly higher top speed and probably slightly quicker acceleration. Plus we have seen the riptide board fails on here.

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Even brand new the battery sag is real. I’m under 200 pounds live in a very flat area. And after about a mile the top speed is more like 15 or16 miles per hour not 20 (with the elite). I ride it point A to point B in then stop to charge Everywhere I Go. I honestly can’t imagine riding it for more than 10 minutes at a time. Its just slow. After going up to 97 MM Wheels, changing the gear ratio to 16t-36t, surfrodz trucks with tiller mounts its definitely more fun to ride. But just in short bursts.

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I wouldn’t rep anything I didn’t believe in, and I think riptides aren’t super great

Ill also note they were pretty shitty when my rear truck broke. They asked 100 questions, none of which were asking if i crashed or was okay after it happened. Thought i was jumping down stairs/curbs doing tricks on it… Even though half of their advertisements for it show people going down curbs And a number of their Instagram story updates showed them doing the same thing. It broke after 5 weeks. Took them 4 weeks to replace the part. And when I asked if I’d be getting an extension on my warranty since I couldn’t use it for over a month they said absolutely not.

Lame… you’d think they would want your business :thinking:

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They already got it… They were out of the rear truck and mount when mine broke. I told them I could find it from multiple vendors to get my board rolling again. They told me if I chose to go that route it would completely void my warranty for all of the parts. So i waited. New trucks started the band within 3 weeks… So i upgraded and said fuck the warranty.

Probably the best choice you ever made :smiley:

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Definitely best choice and the one I got a code for was the r1 so I don’t even get the flywheels maybe I should sell the code to someone who really wants one. I’m getting a lot of shit on Facebook group

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From what you posted on the pictures thread it looks like the right person could make some money advertising for these. It’s just a diyboard kit… but still.

Yeah that is the one plus thing I can see

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If picking one up isn’t gonna kill your wallet and you think you can do enough networking leisurely to push one a month… why not? But i would at least upgrade to caliber trucks. Hopefully that’s not a deal breaker on thier end.

Id recommend keeping an eye on it tho. Maybe its because i daily road. These are built as toys. Occasional use.

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It really makes you think who runs these companies. If diyeboards is the supplier it has to mean that riptide does business with Jason…

And fuck knows what that leads to

I looked onlike and the full electronics on diyeboards is 400 something includes battery, motors, trucks belts enclosure. Basically everything but the deck. and rebranded wheels. So with that price you can easily see they are probably getting the electronics for less that $300

I think they use a smaller battery too. Think its a 6s3 not 6s4 like diyboard sells.

The rx1 is 6s4p

Im tring to stuff a 10s2 meepo in mine. The 8mile range on the 6s is a lie. Lol.