I hate all the ESK8 engineers. keyway keys and slots

Almost destroyed my motor, trying to get the fracking pulley on the shaft with key. Finally got the pulley off, and had to reassemble the motor and clean etc, to get it to turn like the other side. Took me an hour and a half, to grind down the key to fit. I am about to go out of my mind, I had to leave all my tools at my previous place, and havent been able to get past covid restrictions. A toolmaker without tools, is a miserable wretch. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Only hammerlike thing I had, was a meat tenderizer hammer that weighed zilch. Destroyed it.

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Did you apply some heat? that always makes a big difference, releases the grasp of the thread locking glue.

No, it was BARELY on the key, and yet would not release. I used a stainless bolt to bash the shaft, till it released the pulley. Pulley is no longer perfect, but I dont think it will matter. Close enough.

No sealant or anything. It is a key that is several thousanths too tall for the keyway slot. And hardened.

The engineering is likely the fault of flipsky, that didnt hob deep enough for clearance.

Just lucky I brought my mototool, and all accesories. Or I couldnt get the pulleys mounted on motor. Had to hold the 3mm key with hemostats. Slowly, break all edges, and grind down height.

What I found in the motor is, that there is not sufficient side load support, and no thrust bearing to deal with helical gears. They need to come out with an enhanced line of motors, with thrust bearings, for helical gear drives.

The average motor will tear itself up over time.

yeah… I always thought it somewhat strange that the best engineers in ESK8 aren’t tackling this head-on… making a really awesome, some-what-indestructible, very powerful, esk8 motor, seems like low hanging fruit…

sometimes it seems many of the best engineers spend their time working on pointless shit no one cares about or needs…


They exist. We just use the wrong type of motors :man_shrugging:

2021 will see some changes at this point. I‘m sure.

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you dont know frustration until you’ve tried a mboards esc 🤦

I do not doubt that for one minute! just take a look at what tesla do inside their motor… :exploding_head:

esk8 outrunner motors are very boring in comparison… high tech motors also need high tech controllers too though! so vesc innovations must continue.

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