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I have 3 batteries, and torque board VESC coming in the mail, a motor, and a on/off switch. what other wiring will I need to buy to make it all work?

I’m at a loss here, and I’d appreciate any help! I’ve already got the pulleys and such, but I’ve seen everybody talking about banana connectors and heat shrink. Whats the deal with all of this stuff? Will I need some as well?

Lol feel free to pm me … I think this post freaked everyone out lol

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You didn’t write up a full parts list before buying the stuff? Or at least planning out how everything will go together?

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How much experience do you have with soldering? Just getting the parts is less than 1/4 of the work you’ll need to do.

As mentioned above, you’ll need to gather some soldering skills, buy a soldering iron, flux, solder, heat shrink to fit over all of your soldered connections, My advice also would be to choose one type of plug to use for your connections and buy a bag of them. XT60’s or 90’s are easy to solder too and make good connections.

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This might answer everything, so basically I need to replace on the connections and make them all the same size? I was getting worried when I noticed my motor connectors were a different size than my switch and batteries.

why do you think it freaked everyone?

Yuuuup! That’ll make it easy to get everything connected. Get everything the same across the board. Also, even if you are using a switch, I recommend making a loop key with one of your plugs.

Have fun!

Awesome! I’m surprisedI’m just hearing this being a necissity now after browsing this place daily for over a month. I’ve soldered electric guitar parts and phone chips, this should be simple. Thanks for this!

You are a bit vague in your details here mate…and to find out what you have and don’t have…and to find that out based on what info you have provided… Will require a lot of back and forth…and especially if you ask us “what’s heat shrink?”

We would be happy to help you out mate…but we are going to need more info for you to get you on the path to nirvana.

So, if you can…lets get a build thread going by telling us what you have…and what the questions you have…we will chime in with help an Suggetions

A lot of builds forgo the loop key, but it is the only way to insure your batteries are completely disconnected and not draining while you and your build are sleeping. (aside from taking off your enclosure and unplugging them) The biggest cause for fires is over discharge. If you use an fet switch, or a soft switch they can fail allowing current to move.

I had an old Castle slide switch fail, I caught it before my battery hit the point of no return.
Since, I have used a loop key on every build.

I have everything except the vesc, I was just wondering why banana connectors and heat shrink kept coming up, but it’s now been made clear that I’ll need to make all of the connectors the same size so everything fits together, which without the vesc, I wouldn’t have known till it arrived. I’m super stoked! I’ll make a build post as soon as its done!

This is awesome to know! Thanks for throwing this out there, though I’m planning on having my enclosure built so that I can easily access the batteries. I’ll definitely keep a loop key in mind, anything to add extra safety is a worthy expense


Yeah man…just give us as much info when you write…if you don’t … Most of the senior members are gonna shy away from assisting because we aren’t gonna do a 101 class on parts of the electric skateboard thread by thread… i.e. Connectors and shrink

Don’t wait…start it now so you can have a detailed chain of questions and info regarding your build…

It keeps it tidy :metal:t2:

you will probably need some XT60 connectors and heat shrink too. Google image “electric skateboard wiring diagram” to get some schematic ideas.