I have 3k To Spend on a Electric Longboard/Mountainboard Which one do i choose? DIY or PreBuilt

So long story short i have $3,000 to spend on a electric longboard or electric mountainboard. im torn between alot of different options at this point. these are my consideration so far. Exway X1 Pro or a Kaly.NYC XL2.0 or a Custom TorqueBoard Direct drive 75kv 110mm wheels and 12s battery and unity esc setup. I also love the idea of a trampa pre built option but i hate that lipos are the only option :frowning:

i love the exway X1 Pro for its cleanness and speed but range is not up to what i need and the price point is great compared to boosted and many others. i was about to choose Kaly.NYC for the insane range and Helical Drive but i recently saw someone bashing Kaly pretty hard for using old refurbished parts and he doesnt offer any warrantys for his $2600+ boards. and a custom torque direct drive is a very appealing option cause i can choose range and speed options but i have no clue what parts to order for a complete build. i already have a deck that i know will fit everything for the torqueboard build but i would appreciate a list of parts for a 12sbattery, 110mm wheel and 75kv motor setup. Or if anyone has a better suggestion for a board under or a little over 3k let me know :smiley: thanks everyone. also you can post your dream build here also.

If you have that kind of money, DIY is the absolute route. Kaly & Trampa are your options to go. They go the range, the speed, the torque, the range you can’t possibly get on another board, period.


thats my main reason for considering kaly because the range is insane!

I can build a monster 12s pack for cheap if you want.

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You just need an insane battery pack. 12s12p or something like that. Trust me your feet would be numb before that battery is finished.


If you don’t decide to go diy LaCroix is another really good option!


Trampa 12s12p…your are in heaven…Great battery builders around here…PM them and suit your needs…I prefer to spend the money there…You could also do so many things to the board within the future…I have 2 Trampa, one with Lipo, the other one Will be 12s8p made by Eboosted soon…

We might have a 12s8p setup coming soon and you can use urethane and pneumatics. :smile:


With that budget i would go for a bajaboard. I think they are better than trampa emtb but then if you want portability then i hope you workout lol. And if you go diy the bergmeister wheels and trucks is a super 2 in 1 setup :blush:

im really torn between direct drive from torqueboards for low maintenance otherwise i would go kaly for the beautiful and quiet enclosed helical gear option. who are some people who could make 12s6p batterys on this forum? i prefer lithium ion as opposed to lipo because of ease of charging. thanks everyone for your feedback!!! Its also worth noting i have the exact board the torqueboard direct drive motors were modeled on so i know i got a good way to go DIY if i want i just would need someones help putting together an official parts list before i buy.

Buy a Kaly board. You’ll spend more time riding instead of tinkering. When I have that much disposable cash, that is the board I will buy. His boards are amazing. Also not sure how many boards you’ve built but doing it DIY style can be time consuming/frustrating but also rewarding. Just my 2 cents

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If you’re worried about maintenance then going DIY probably isn’t the best choice for you. But I agree with everyone else’s opinion about the LaCroix, Kaly, Trampa, etc.

@psychotiller @longhairedboy @barajabali @Dirt_Bag @pjotr47 @Eboosted and several others all have great battery options that you can trust.

With this type of budget, I would spec out an easy to put together DIY. Quality enclosure from someone, battery / bms / charge port combo from another, VESC 6 or something, whatever deck shape you like, and then probably a gear drive or belt kit and a good quality remote too.

Basically you can afford to not have to DIY most of it yourself, instead leaving the hard parts to some of the seasoned builders that have custom products now. I would still recommend learning how to solder, because that can be important.


I’m selling hub motors I make w a lifetime warranty that are issue-free on Kickstarter right now and an awesome cheap board and box through a group buy here. Easy to put together

If u search Hummie deck you can see examples and find the group buy and there are many out there


3K? Thats 3 boards not one. Start hoarding used parts asap

Who’s lifetime?

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Urs. As Ud want.

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What about his children?

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id do that too. goes for any of the maybe 40 pairs of these v4 motors out there and anyone who gets them on kickstarter.

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I would challenge the old refurbished parts thing… where did you see that? Also the no warranty thing is just false… read the kaly.nyc website.

Personally I would suggest figuring out what you want in a board first. You are talking about VERY different boards here. Decide if you want pneumatic or poly first, then narrow down from there. Personally I chose kaly for the pneumatics, fused battery, double row bearings, and gear drive (among other things).

Hope this helps.