I have 8 "broken" VESC's/FOCBOX's that stopped working when the serial battery connections under my flexible Tampa deck broke from vibration and flex. What might this have done to the VESCs to make them not work anymore? Fixable?

I have a trampa deck with batteries mounted in an enclosure across the bottom of the board, which evidently is putting stress on the serial connections in my battery. Ive experimented with different weld/solder joints but nothing has worked, so Im looking to go back to top-mounted enclosure after 8 vescs have stopped working.

Im a little confused as to what exactly is wrong with my VESCs before I can start looking for solutions

Any help is appreciated!


It may help to start with some pictures of your setup so we can diagnose what actually went wrong.

How do you know your vescs are broken? Are you getting the red light?