I have a problem with one of my Motors

Hey guys. I have some problems with my back right motor and I don`t really know what to do. It just stops much faster and accelerates not as quickly and smoothly as the left one but all Vesk settings are ok.

Here are some Videos of the motor: Vid1 Vid2 Vid3

Thank you so much for trying to help me :slightly_smiling_face:

does it feel any different than the other one if you spin it by hand?

Either it has bad bearings, or your belt tension is slightly too tight. Tight belts mean extra drag

@Saturn_Corp Yes the other one feels much smoother and dosent make those noises.

Thank you it was the belt :grin:

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Glad to here it was a simple problem. I have seen this thread essentially replicated about 100 times. 1mm difference in the sliding mount holes is all it takes to ruin effeciency