I have a scramboard..need new motor...can i replace with a motor other than scramboard motors

Do i need to buy scramboards motors or can i replace with any motor that matches those specs…i live in u.s.a and its prob easier to order locally …is that something i can do…they say i need those speciffic motors…

What are the specs of the board you bought from them?

Actually haven’t been to their site in years

Which board, hub motors?

I believe its the army edition …its a 250kv 60mm motor,…the motor came blank w no specs on it but i asked them and thats their response

Can i just buy a similar spec motor or even 2 .?..i just want motors thatll work without a headache

And no theyre outrunners not hub motors

getting closer, but you’re going to have to help a bit more in terms of the exact spec you have

I googled this in 5s https://www.scramboards.com/scramboards/scramboard-vertigo-edition-army.html

Even on 10s 270kv sounds way, way high and no torque. Can you share what it was like when it worked and how you deduced that the motors are the problem?

Yes if it looks like the board in the link, replacement motors are not a problem


Brushless Outrunner Motor power = 63 mm size. 3500 watts, 4N.M, 250 KV

Opportunity to give the board some balls

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Yes thats kinda the issue theyre on 10s4p batteries they say theyr 60mm 250kv…kinda low on torque…i was asking cuz i want more torque maybe like 180…200kv…i have researched thats sounds like its where it should be for me being around 190lbs.

Exactly the same in pics

Sorry im kinda new to fixing theae things…iYes thats the specs i found as well …so can i get similar motors by different makers…so like 63 mm 3500w at 180kv

I’d leave that at 10s if you’re going to keep the old ESC controllers

proabably a pair of these https:///products/electric-skateboard-motor-6380-170kv

You should measure the shaft diameter to make sure it fits the motor pulleys you have (although they sell those too on that site) and you may have to cut the shaft to stop it poking into the tire

For more fun upgrade the battery/escs

If i got through them im looking at almost 300$USD. AND IM SURE I CAN GET OTHERS FOR LESS

Yes thank you for your input. Quick response ! Thank you

One more quick question…will putting on new motors require updating my vesc settings

And the escs can go up to 12s

why, I mean why would anyone do that? you will never see the sped that 250kv motors can deliver at 10s4p. There is literally no upside that I can see, its just sacrificing torque for no reason.

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Makes you wonder at the knowledge of the vendor if such a fundamental mistake can be made on the motors. The rest of the thing looks good though but I’m guessing theres an ali express special dual or pair of vescs in there.

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@Jcammarata4 My friend you can put whatever motors you want on there but do some reading here first. There are a multitude of motor threads but be advised, you need to spend to get quality. Look up Maytech/Hobbyking/Aps and indeed Trampa.
Keep the kv to 170 or below and that board will tear the soles off your shoes. It will be a completely different animal entirely.

You can look up some aliexpress / bangood (racerstar) motors… Though they will cost in 60-70 usd range at least, higher level stuff costs probably +80 usd…

Are u EU or US located?

Though what you really need to figure out is hole spacing, some motors might have different layout, though it might be 60’ size motors share the same pattern more or less and more fiddly were the 50’ size.

  • you need the right diameter axle, most come in 8mm, but just make sure it is same.

Don’t run those escs @12s. They used a fragile 4.1x design(Maytech v1 I think) which will almost certainly go bang running 12s. Keep those escs @10s. Get new motors 170kv or lower

When bored come back and get newer escs and a fresher 12s battery


i’ve some motors from scramboard motors, the specs are:

Maytech Dust Sealed 63mm 3500watts 300 kv Outrunner Brushless Motors

the motors have some scratches but they work, i can offer for a good price, send me a private message if you are interested.