I have a VESC dilemma

So I need an opinion. I currently have a single and am making it a dual. I have an ollin 4.12 VESC and found someone on here who was selling another (since they have stopped their production). Well… they thought it was a 4.12 but in reality it is 4.11. Is this something I should get refunded or keep?

You sure its 4.11? All of my 4.12 shows up as 4.11 but you can see its a 4.12 not 4.11

It says 4.11 on the board. 2d14103e81740f24dc1d04a123dc25bec1de95ce_1_281x500

Hmm yeah okay, i would return it then.

Should be able to pair it with another 4.12 dosnt have to be the same brand i think.

I am running split ppm so I will be able to use two brands. I was just hoping to use a bullet proof Ollin.

esk8.de also has some mad good ones, with direct fets and such.

I am in the us though.

They should be able to ship there no problem, you might be able to ask him to lower the price on the customs papers to avoid paying the fees.

i’d say keep it. the changes between 4.12 and 4.11 are VERY minor. you can for sure run them in split ppm together

Yeah, would be another story if it was 4.10.

But as far as i know the changes from 4.11 and 4.12 can be redone at home without a new pcb right?

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the changes from 4.10 to 4.12 were also VERY minor :wink:

You sure? Thicker traces on the PCB and new caps.

The traces would imo be a sign of a weak spot from before since it had to be redone.

thicker traces and new caps are for sure an upgrade. thicker traces aren’t really a necessity though, the caps can be upgraded in 15 minutes or less.

Would there be a way to upgrade it to 4.12? I believe the only downside is no FOC…

Firmware upgrade, and add the new parts.

Should be a 4.12 then.

“4.11 - 4.12 is that I added a capacitor to GVDD on the DRV8302,”

From vedders website, so do that and bang 4.12

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