I have been riding my first board for about a month. Here are my thoughts! Also how I reduced the vibrations!

First of all: Don’t judge me because of all the ugly tape. I have not had time to finish my enclosure. Half of it has been sitting in my workshop for weeks now :smiley: .

So I have been riding this bad boy for about a month now and I love almost everything about it. I have build this board similar to Namasaki’s build.

Here are what parts I used:

  • 5 LiPo 2S 5000mah 40C batteries from Turnigy
  • 10S BMS from Bestech
  • Maytech VESC from APS ( have not had the best experience with it. Read more about that here )
  • APS 200kv 6374 Motor (great motor btw.)
  • a little battery indicator from APS as well
  • motor mount from APS ( great mount, just don’t use it with Paris Trucks. read more about that here)

little question: How much do you guys tighten up the belt? Because I think I have it tightened up quite good, but when I break abruptly it still slips a lot.

Some other facts:

I weigh about 90kg (198,416lbs). Topspeed is 43km/h. Hill climbing is easy, but only for shorts periods I never managed to get below 60% charge. I once rode 10km and still had 70% charge left. So there is that.

What I do not like about the board is the following:

The motor is great and a beast, but to big for my taste to be honest. Also I am not a fan of the single motor build. I did it, cause budget reasons, but I am soon going to upgrade to a dual motor setup with much smaller motors. Just to split up the load and increase breaking performance. Also after taking on a rather steep hill for about 3min, performance drops a lot. I takes about 30sec - 1min of rest till I can reach the 43km/h again. I don’t now if thats because of the motor or the BMS or the batteries though. So my plans for the future are upgrading to a dual motor setup, but probably not before next year cause, the board has more than enough power to get me through a big city. I won’t be taking on hills with it for a couple of month from now on.

One more thing:

I got fed up the vibrations pretty quickly and decided to do something about it. I once was at a “company fair” ( just a lot of companies showing of there stuff to gain interest). There was a company that produced some kind of anti-vibrational mats. They are mostly used to reduce the vibrations caused by trains, but they had all kinds of products. A little example: They droped metal balls with the same weight from the same height on different surfaces with and without their mats and were showing off that the metal ball basically did not jump at all when it fell on their mat. I don’t know the name of the company anymore though :smiley:. Will do some research. Anyways. They had little pieces of different mats there and I asked them then if any of these mats could be used to reduce the vibrations caused by the subwoofer in my room. They were not sure, because they were not designed for that purpose, but they gave me 4 of those little samples to try it out. So I did and it helped. Not much, but a little for sure. So I don’t have that woofer anymore and those little mats have been lying arround for quite a long time and then it hit me. Since I use risers already and those mats are pretty stiff (there are smoother once and stiffer once. I have two of each)I could exchange them with my risers after I cut them to the right size. I tried a few different combinations with risers and without and so on. Here is an image.

The grey one is the smoother one. Since I am no longboard pro, I did not notice any difference when it comes to steering. At least I did not mind it, but even the grey one does get pretty stiff once the screws are tightend up. Result: There really were less vibrations. Imagine riding barefoot once and then with shoes on. Bad comparison I know, but it is what it is :smiley:. The more you loosen up the screws the softer it gets and the less vibrations are there. Also the soft underground might be annyoing to some longboard riders, since steering is probably not that responsive anymore. As I said, I didn’t mind. Just wanted to share that experience.


I remember my first build like it was yesterday!

This build looks good for a starter, and will only get better. If you’re looking for some high quality motors in a smaller diameter, Ollinboards makes some pretty good ones. I have the OM5065 200kv, and they seem to be very good quality for motors under $100. The only thing to watch out for is they probably won’t fit a standard width hanger for a dual rear setup, so you’ll either need a wider hanger like Evolve uses, or go with dual diagonal. Or you could do something like this guy did… http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/the-yin-yang-arbor-axis-bamboo-caliber-iis-psychotillers-psycho60-psycho66-motor-mounts-dual-tacon-bf-160s-6364-dual-ollin-board-co-vescs-with-heatsinks-8s-10ah-8s-7-2ah-83mm-flywheel-clones-36-16-gear-ratio/1895/21?u=alanhunt123

I’d love to get some more info about the vibration pad you’re using! Vibration has always been one of the harder issues for me to tackle on my builds.

What size belt are you using? How many teeth on each pulley? I’d go to this center distance designer and make sure that you have at least 6 teeth of engagement on your motor pulley.

I would also check the condition of your motor pulley. I used aluminum motor pulleys for a while, and noticed that the teeth would wear pretty quickly, making the belt skip, no matter how tight kept the belt. I would highly recommend a steel motor pulley, which you can find on DIY electric skateboard or enertion. Upgrading to a dual setup and reducing your regen current on each motor would also probably help reduce your skipping.


I will keep you updated.

I use 15mm Belt and for tooth I don’t remember. I will look it up on ASP Website as soon as it is back up again. I think 32 15 something like that.

thanks for the rest!

I’ve just finished my first dual drive and gone with these motors. I’m using evolve truck hangers to fit them on. Running on 10s.

They are similar to the evolve motors. They have worked out very well so far. Very quiet and very powerful. (I weigh just over 90kg)

yes I definitly need antivibration material, what if i just grab some mattress sample XD

why don’t you tape a mattress to your board ?

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like the braille skateboard crew did…

I really like your board btw, sorry to hear about your vesc issue… if you get a wild hair and want to try a different pulley setup try these, they cheap as fuu and I have done over 20miles with very minimal slip and it comes with all metal parts… i grabbed a bunch

have you found an alternate vesc yet or are you going to keep rocking the maytech?

Thanks for the link. I will look into it.[quote=“trancejunkiexxl, post:7, topic:28197”] have you found an alternate vesc yet or are you going to keep rocking the maytech? [/quote]

I am currently still rocking the maytech vesc. The issue has not occured for a while now. I am still going to exchange it just to make sure. But as you can see the motor is a little messed up already, because it received a bump once. So probably going to pruchase those two things together.

ya i was checking my motor after ejection, seems it got a bump as well, no longer can push and it feels chunky… dont feel bad though, this will be the 3rd one ive broken XD

@trancejunkiexxl I have a couple ollin 5065 200 as well and they are little rockets if you are looking for something smaller. If you want to put 2 of these motors on the rear truck you will have to get a wider truck like torqueboards (diyelectricskateboard) wide caliber clones. You will also need mounts to fit as they dont have a standard mounting pattern. I have a few extra that will fit if you decide to go that way.

I think the vibration pads were loaded’s pushin cushion.