I have finally decided to start buying the parts for my first build! Can you give me some advice?

Hi, I’m finally decided to build my first esk8. I’m new to this but i read a lot on this forum. Any advice is welcome. I’m buying these parts:

Motor : Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-190KV


Wheels: I already have a longboard with orangatang durian wheels on it. They don’t have holes for the pulley but I will try to make holes by myself

Batteries: samsung 30q 10s3p. I’m planning to use the last vruzend kit to assemble the pack

Motor mount and pulleys: can you give me some advice on a good mount? I have a loaded vanguard with paris trucks.

Controller: I like to play with electronics, so I will (try to) build it myself with an arduino and an nrf receiver (is there a good guide about that?).

Battery enclosure: what’s a cheap reliable solution?

BMS: is it necessary? can you suggest me a good one that will not limit the current even at high current output?

Thanks for the help

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I think @thisguyhere has some charge only 10s bms. I think it’s worth it as it makes it look clean. As for an enclosure it depends how much ur willing to spend. If u want quality enclosures ask @psychotiller or @bigben. A cheap solution would be a plant saucer or some kind of plastic container.

Also if you want to build your own remote take a look at @solidgeek firefly remote or @ervinelin telemetry remote


Also since you have Paris trucks you may have a hard time finding a mount you won’t have to weld

BMS isn’t absolutely necessary but with liion where the pack is welded together it’s typically cheaper than a separate balance charger that can handle the voltage. I’m not a fan of carrying extra circuitry on the skateboard since it’s basically like a shake table. With regard to the wheels believe you can find a pulley that will fit the hole pattern on orangantangs I wouldn’t try drilling your own holes getting alignment is difficult even without making your own holes, don’t give yourself more problems. 190kv is ideal IMO 10S is good too I have a GitHub repo on making a basic controller too, no bells and whistles just a transmitter and receiver https://GitHub.com/shusain/eskatecontroller

if you use vruzend remember to sandwhich it between some plates for better contact. also they are quite wide for a flat setup, finding a deck for that will be hard. If you go 2 rows you will need to go high with the deck, so you can put that into perspective.

Why buy sk3 when you can buy sk8? 8 is greater than 3.

Don’t use the orangatang durian wheels. They stink. Get ABEC 11. They’re better then ABEC 10.

Vruzend don’t work. Save yourself some trouble and get N.E.S.E. packs. They seem to be solid. Actually forget that too. You like playing with electronics, build yourself a battery pack you wimp. Also the firefly build would be your remote of choice since you claim this.

Motor mount and pulleys? Get direct drive carvon and forget about it or hummies.

Cheap reliable enclosure in which sense? Tupperware is very reliable in the dish washer. It always comes out clean.

Is your face necessary? Get a bms already so you don’t have to worry about batteries being off balance.

Also just kidding around with you. Have a good build and be sure to post your progress.