I have missed you all!

Hey Ya’ll!!! I have missed you!!

I was mad active for a couple of months, then got distracted with finding a new job. Got myself a nice new life out here in San Francisco! Woo!!!

I am most excited to start coming back to the forums on the regular and being an active part of this community. I love you all. I have 2 board waiting to be built, and a couple of trails i wanna bomb and get some video of. I cant wait to share!!!


Welcome back! This place seems to be getting more and more active by the day. Lots of new posts and topics for you to catch up on, if you were so inclined. Good to hear there’s another member in the bay area. If I ever get a chance to get down to the city, we will have to put together a group ride with the other local members. Just for fun, check out @evoheyax’s latest build. Pretty impressive, and you might see him around town along with @hummie, @torqueboards and probably a few others I’m forgetting. :thumbsup:

What’s up ! @Sharkface

Hey man. I think there’s more than a few Bay Area peeps on here @hummie @jinra to name a couple. They’ll know best, but you’re probably going to need a dualy setup with those wicked inclines up there! Currently at lake Shasta myself for LDW. I’m thinking all these paths around the lake should be some good riding best of luck to you on your new gig!


This weekend I am getting a jeep, next weekend I am trying to start a youtube channel for some eboard funs, aaaannnnddd all whilst trying to get a new job started at CBS. Just mad enjoying that cali lifestyle my dood!!!

I have been riding on a single motor setup since November-ish of last year :wink:

EDIT: Torqueboards just liked this thread, and i gotta give him some props cuz i was mad expecting his motor mount to give out by now, just saying.


Hey man! I’m happy for you that’s all good shit I need of that to rub off on me :slight_smile:

@Sharkface Our new mounts are 7075 Aluminum. :slight_smile:

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Sf is a great city. I’ll be looking for u on the road sharkface what does ur board look like?

Bruh!!! I will be looking for you as well. I always chase down anybody on an eboard. Like a stalker, or rapist who just found his new victim. So if you see me and my shark face rolling at you, fret not!!!

heres a link to my build thread, but freehand is rolling on white wheels nowadays!

I my god how offensive can u go before u get clipped by management. If ur an equal sex rapist maybe that’s not misogenistic Have to fix the board immediately to hunt u down. I will sneak up behind u and whisper in ur ear. ask u if u brought ur lube

Push the tempo my man!!!

That’s fucking funny. And no one got offended

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I have been at work an extra two hours today.

Stricly using that 2 hours extra as “un-budgeted money” means after taxes I get enough cash to buy a new VESC to replace the one i fucked with in a bad way. WWWWOOOOOOO

but holy crap i have not been checking the forums… AGAIN!!!