I have some ESC related questions

I have been skateboarding for thirty years, but I had never heard the term electronic speed controller until two years ago when I started riding electrified boards.

I have been using VESC “like” speed controllers, and been happy with them, but recently I have been trying other models, mostly out of curiosity.

My current favorite is the Graupner T-80A HV ESC.

When using a Turnigy sk3 192kv motor, I run two 4S 35c lipos 5500mAh packs for an 8s, and it gives me all the power I need.

The same setup with a VESC barely goes up a hill that the Graupner did at half throttle. To get comparable performance from the VESC, I needed three 4S packs in series for a 12S

The difference in performance between the ESCs is not quite as much with the Turnigy 125KV motor, I suspect that’s because it only pulls 45amps and the Sk3 motor can pull 80amps.

I bought the VESC “like” controller from Torque Boards, and I have no complaints with it. ( The 5.5mm bullet connectors Torque Boards installs are kick ass, I have them on both motors and both speed controllers now, I love them, they stay connected much better than the 4mm connectors.)
As for setup, I do motor detection, apply it, and then take the defaults for everything else.

Do my findings here seem reasonable?

Has anyone else tried Graupner?

They are $169 retail,so a little pricey, but I found mine on Amazon for $60.

They are reasonable, the VESC does not put out as many amps as other ESCs at its price point, I have friends that put a 12s FVT ESC on their boards and they do wheelies on it, with the VESC its just not the same.

But the VESC is amazing in itself, with ESCs you’re paying for basically power, for VESC you’re paying for the pragrammability (not a word) and other features such as UART and stuff. I don’t think you can really attach a bluetooth module to a regular ESC or program throttle curves and run things such as FOC.

It’s like comparing a car with 750 HP that looks ugly and has almost no features to a car that has 400HP that has a load of features

Thank you for that,

I realize everything is a trade off and I just want to make sure I understand what’s being traded.

This weekend, when I found myself stranded with dead batteries, it dawned on me that the higher amp output might be draining my batteries faster.

How’s the accel and braking for that Graupner ESC versus a VESC? I have a Mamba XL-X on the way. Should be putting down 250A when paired with a Turnigy Heavy Duty…

I love the Graupner 80amp ESC, my biggest issue was with a 12S battery, it was insanely fast. With an 8S it accelerates very smoothly. I set the brakes to a maximum of 90%, and that got it where I wanted it.

I like the VESC just fine too, but I don’t know which variants of the VESC are decent. I have one from Torqueboards which seem fairly well made.

The Graupner gives me heat sinks and sturdy housing and a programming box. I like those things.