I have suffered a bad injury already. Havent crashed

My ankle, or right above, is purple, and I have a hard time walking, a lot of pain. Went to the doc, to rule out thrombosus. I had a suspicion it was skateboard caused. Or at least related.

Thinking back, I have fugured out what hapened, and issue this as a warning.

My streets are terrible, and my street in particular, is far worse, on a hill, and the pavement separates, huge. They gave up patching. So, I run my pup, and skate in general, on the sidewalk.

So far so good. BUT, my street, has the driveway cut through the sidewalk. And so, to avoid hitting the grass etc, you stay in middle of sidewalk. And as you go off the edge of driveway, it is tilted sideways. And so, your ankle is getting wacked sideways, over and over. And, what is worse, you must counteract this, as it tries to turn you. Now do this at 10 to twelve mph, and you have a serious injury. Not all at once. It took a few weeks.

So, the moral of the story is, rough ground fine, tilted landings, over and over, no good, and will take its toll.

This causes me to seek out better paths to take the doggie. I didnt want to take her out of this block, till I can trust her to NEVER dart into street etc.

Anyway, I think I caught it soon enough, for a full SLOW recovery.

There is no safety equipment to save you from this injury. Just uncommon sense, or ME WARNING YOU NOW.


Bro how old are you?

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Only few weeks… Have you ever had other ankle injuries?

60, but your joints are not supposed to work like that, such as roofers. It destroys.

NEver. it also, flexes FAST, your foot against the tendon stops. And you have to react fast, to not veer. In all, I cannot imagine it not doing in you kids as well. That is why I write.

I’m a roofer​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’ve literally skated off a roof into our dump truck. My dad was pissed

Actually, it is microtearing of the inside facing muscle right next to the calf. Over and over, the microtearing adds up. Till the muscle bleeds and bruises.

Till I get full strength back, I will wear an ankle support while skating. Not the ankle proper. And stretch the Achilles tendon.

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