I joined the club... Why You wear a helmet

So I went out for my second ride tonight and made a stupid mistake of going faster then what I was comfortable going started to wobble and then fell. Hit my shoulder elbow and head. I know that if I wasn’t wearing my helmet I probably would have cracked my head open or worse. I may have been going 15mph. So my helmet isn’t cracked but might need a new one. Nothing feels broken but I’m all scraped up I think I will probably but off the board for a bit as it is my first crash ever really on a board electric or not.


feel better :frowning:

maybe its time to upgrade to full face? :slight_smile:

Wobbles at 15mph? Someone needs to read my new thread on split angles buddy…and remember it’s not how we fall, it’s how we get back up that defines us…good luck bro…be strong…


Link? 101010

Ah got it

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I even have 44 cals with jeans barrels I usually just cruise on my longboard so I’ve never really gone fast before

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I’ve thought about adding more protection but I also live in a place that it gets very humid and hot in the summertime

How did you get that damaged at that speed? 15mph is what I push a non-electric board at. It seems like you were somewhere between 25 and 30

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I’m not sure how fast I was going because my board going by the calculations my top speed is about 23 weighted. So it could have been 20. I don’t have any way to know how fast I was going.

Ever seen someone eat Street while sprinting? Outcome not so good sometimes.

I’d say honestly that’s about right for 15mph, 15mph typically looks like bad carpet burn and spotty like your pic, which is also not to deep in layers, just looks like the top 3 layers of skin.

But if you are not to comfy going full pads because of heat, at least I will suggest a kevlar shirt. They are pretty light weight heat wise and very breathable will help with minor abrasions at sub 20 speeds.

As far as avoidance, as soon as you feel a wobble pick a direction and put pressure on a front rail and enter a turn, then lean hard the other way and start a carve. Can’t wobble while your turning bro :metal::metal: heal quick.


Ive busted and cracked ribs just falling while standing on the board. Dont have to be going fast to get hurt. I honestly started wearing a helmet after reading all of the skate rides that turn into deaths the one time they ride without a helmet. I love Esk8 but I have a son to come home to


I had told my wife that I wasn’t going to wear a helmet but after reading that bigboytoys and others have died I rethought that and decided to get a regular skate helmet and I’m sure glad I did. Not sure if I need a new helmet.


My shirt that I was wearing where my shoulder hit feels like it was burned. I couldn’t really carve because in never have really carved as I just cruise but cars where right next to me so I think this may have the best out come.

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Believe me… i h the same idea. No need for a helmet, im capable… then i read the story of the guy who passed away four blocks from his home like testing a board or something…i saw the picture of him and his kid…now i wont even go on a board without a brain bucket on. Im even adding a kevlar flannel and some pads for knees and bows


Aww your good bro… got this one going 21 mph a few weeks ago

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@briman05 @Bobby

invest in some knee’s also!



Already ahead of u broski

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glad to hear it :slight_smile: I’d say while your at it get some elbow (I wish I got these after my first real fall not my second)


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Brain bucket killed me lol But seriously we should always wear helmets