I just built a test rig out of velcro and a 40" brad edwards gravity


I got tired of not having an easy way to just attach things and test them. I remembered a long time ago @lowGuido did this to one or more of the boards in his giant pile of esk8s so i did the same.

The only thing that’s semi permanent here is the drive train, though swapping belts and pulleys and wheels is as easy as always.

The important thing here is i can test any pack with any ESC and any receiver, and even try different eswitches or bluetooth units or whatever else i want just by plugging it in and sticking it on and strapping velcro over it. So now FlipSky and the like will get all of my opinions a little faster.

The picture above doesn’t have the blanket of velcro covering everything so you can see what’s up, but after i strapped it all down i picked the board up several times to shoulder height and just dropped it. Nothing came loose. However, this is by no means weather proof so dry days only.

At the moment I have a pair of 10Ah Tattu 25C 6S lipos in series with a Y connector going straight into a FlipSky FSESC4.20 dual ESC that they sent me, running 3.40. Used VESC-Tool to set it up, no issues at all. Running sensored FOC.

No eswitch, no volt meter, not even an antispark plug.

Its fucking raining right now. I’m so pissed. I know this monster will move like a motherfucker. If anything can dump enough current to melt this flipsky its these Tattus, and i want the pcb on fire before i start sending opinions.


Oh yeah: for wire management on the back i have one of those RipTide channel risers. They’re 1/2" height. On the front i have a 1/4" Indy riser.


I have velcro holding my focboxes to my board and even had a 10s2p attached the same way. It’s stronger stuff than you’d think.


Its serious shit for sure. None of this shit is moving at all.


Love to see the tattu lipos! Mine have been KILLIN it for a year and a half, no signs of aging

I really want to see that Flipsky burning! :japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre: That shit spread around quick here without a lot of proper testing.

is this dual ESC even out yet? I don’t see it on thier site. The single is.

Also they have an eswitch coming. I’ve been trying to talk them into making one with a lot of fets and a midi fuse holder, the bolt in style. They just keep telling me about their 8 fet switch that looks like it could turn on the starter for my truck.

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Yeah it’s on their website now. The dual 6.6 was delayed, but the dual 4.20 there are already group buys for it.


i should try and burn up that single too.

i need a BT logger for this rig.

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This is your best build yet

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I use heavy duty Velcro on lots of my projects, its an underrated tool and seriously tough. It held my enclosure to my mountain board with ease and as a bonus isolates vibration.

It should be dry enough when i get home to run this board down the road. Setup was really easy using VESC tool with this ESC. I was expecting it to complain about firmware or some stupid shit, but it just worked. We were trying to do burnouts on the dusty garage floor yesterday while it was raining.

Bookmarked, I will be back hourly until either that flipsky vesc is immolated or you are.

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My report on the FlipSky is as follows:


  • its running the latest firmware, 3.40, which is excellent.
  • Works with VESC-Tool right out of the box with no issues.
  • can be flashed back to 2.18 easily to work with BLDC-Tool if you prefer the older stuff
  • integrated can bus connection is really nice and saves time
  • works well in both FOC and BLDC mode when it does work
  • supports multiple control schemes and has all the needed ports to take advantage of them
  • small, almost perfect form factor. I really, really like the size.


  • there is a hardware issue that leads to complete power loss during hard acceleration and hard braking. There is little that can be done in the settings to mitigate this.

on the other hand… we have the Unity which is what i’m testing now. Its kind of fucking amazing. Everything is… well… dreamy and perfect. I don’t know how else to describe it.

For example, i ran motor detection on a shorted fucked up motor:

The Unity is perfectly fine, in fact i ran it around the block a half dozen times, hitting the accelerator hard and braking hard too. Then for more fun, i unplugged one phase lead and rode it some more. Sounded like shit and went all quirky but nothing bad happened.

Next we’re going to light it on fire and beat it with hammers.


Which flipsky vesc r you talking about? 6.6 or the 4.20

Sorry, i should have been specific. Its the one i mentioned earlier in the thread, the FSESC4.20 Dual 100A

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Hoping these won’t be happening with the 6.6 flipskys. I read that @mmaner was also testing these fsescs but not sure which of them he’s testing on

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This one. He’s noticing the same problems.

We also tested the 6.6 and found it to have a shitty power switch.

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Ah the old lightitonfireandbeatitwithhammers Test